• How many pounds lift does a gallon of air have ??

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    I am wondering or looking for a formula to tell me how many pounds of lift a given area has, such as a gallon jug. I could just go and put a gallon jug
    full of air in a pool and then weight it, but I thought this would be a better place to get an answer. You can just e-mail me the formula if you have one.

    Brad Wilson
    Easier to fill the jug with water and weigh that in air. Neglecting
    the weight of the air itself, the bouyant force will be the weight
    of the water minus the weight of the jug.
    For rough figuring, Mom always said "a pint's a pound the world
    around," which would give 8 lbs per gallon.
    But you seem to want a more mathematical approach, so...
    1 gal = 0.1337 cubic feet
    According to ye olde Eshbach (3rd edition), fresh water weighs
    62.4 lb / cf and salt water weighs 64 lb / cf.
    Hence the weight of 1 gallon of fw is 62.4 * 0.1337 = 8.34 lb,
    and 1 gallon of sw weighs 64 * 0.1337 = 8.56 lb.
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