• Where to buy unscented talcum powder

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    On Thursday, February 1, 1996 at 7:00:00 PM UTC+11, Paul Colose wrote:
    I recently purchased a drysuit w/ latex seals and was told talcum
    powder was the best preservative for them. Unscented was advised
    because the oil-based fragrance deteriorated latex. Everyone I've
    talked to locally told me they got their talc from their drysuit manufacturer. I could order the suit manufacturer's talcum powder, but
    they want $20 a bottle (I know, after dishing out all that $ for a
    suit, why can't I spend another $20?).
    Are there any specialty stores that carry unscented talcum powder?
    I've already tried drug stores, discount stores, and supermarkets.
    Please help me people, because after only ten dives my neck seal
    is cracking (and I don't have a ring system or self-replacable seals).
    I hate to send the suit back (I've been diving pretty heavily this
    winter: new drysuit-related dive mania).
    Thanks to anyone who can help (parenthetical additions to
    sentences are a pain, aren't they?).

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