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    On Tuesday, August 17, 1993 at 11:07:27 AM UTC-4, Jennifer Joy wrote:
    Bill Mayne's brother Charlie works in the same division I do. I
    received a note Charlie posted internally, and asked him if I could
    post it to rec.scuba. He said that would be fine -- he didn't mind
    having it posted where Bill's friends might see it.

    Also, Charlie is interested in contacting people active in spelunking
    who might have known Bill well and went on trips to some of the Mexico
    caves Bill liked (this is from when Bill was active in Texas caving).

    As Charlie wrote back to me, "It has been a month now, and I am making progress with dealing with the grief. It has been a hard time." While
    it is not my place to tell y'all what to do, I'd suggest not bothering
    him for technical details, but I think he'd appreciate memories of
    Bill and that sort of thing.

    [ Charlie Mayne writes: ]
    From: charliem@anemomania.sps.mot.com (Charlie Mayne)
    Subject: in memory of

    Dr. William Allen Mayne

    My brother was killed in a SCUBA diving accident on July 16th. He was a highly skilled technical diver with over 150 cave dives logged, twenty in
    the system in which the accident occurred. Evidently he and his dive
    partner (who was also a certified cave diver, but with less experience) became seperated and Ariel became disoriented and got lost. Bill pushed
    it too far in trying to find him before starting out of the cave and ran
    out of air a few minutes before he could reach the additional tanks they had stashed on the way in to be used for decompression. Ariel also ran out of air before finding his way. I talked at length with the recovery team, who were friends of Bill and Ariel. There were no signs of panic or fear. The equipment was checked by the Navy and there was no malfunction. I believe that Bill died as he lived: aware, awake, and totally absorbed in what he was doing at the moment.

    The last time I saw Bill was last December. I went to see him receive his PhD in Computer Science from Florida State University in Tallahassee. He was employed by the university as a post-doctoral fellow.

    The memorial service was attended by several hundred people who know Bill through his involvement in cave diving, flying, beer brewing, pasta making, academia, local politics, Buddhism, volunteer work, music and many other aspects of his full life. He and Kristen (his wife of eleven years) were next on the list to adopt a baby from Thailand. His untimely death is a great
    loss to many. I believe that everyone who truly knew Bill loved him. He
    and I were very close. I am fortunate to have known him and to have had such a fine brother. I will miss him.

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    It's January 2020, and I still remember Bill well. Met him about a year before he passed at Peacock Springs. He introduced himself and asked if he could join our dive. We became friends and dove numerous times that year. I dove with him the weekend
    before he passed, and told him I'd call mid-week to maybe make some plans for the following weekend. When I called, I reached a recording by his wife thanking all for their concerns, but it said she needed some time to deal with his accident. I was
    stunned. Shortly after Bill's passing I had an uncomfortably close call in a cave, and never dove in caves since. RIP Bill, we still miss you almost 30 years later!

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