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    Is this product currently for sale? Alan Farnham

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    INTERNET SPECIAL PRICE US 680$ + shipping

    WEB ADDRESS: http://www.webcom.com/mediacom/diveman
    email address: diveman@webcom.com

    Dear rec.scuba newsgroup reader:

    I want to thank all of you who have given useful feedback following my first post on the group concerning the DIVEMAN product; I did it on purpose, to send
    my 'spam' mail pretending to be 'undercover' using the 'diveman' email address! It was more fun that way and excited the spirits a little bit, but the matter of fact is:

    - this is a new product announcement
    - well, the product itself is not new, but this is the first time it is offered directly to customers in the US, who were previously not even aware of
    its existence
    - this product is unique as it has no competition from any other similar product
    - this product has been tried and proven around the world
    - there are many people who don't want you to know about our product, namely: * scuba shops who wish to sell you expensive tanks, regulators and paraphernalia
    * scuba teachers who want to rip you off with expensive courses
    * compressor manufacturers and 'air' refill stations who want to sell you 'air'
    * scuba equipment manufacturers
    * and the list goes on.....

    None of them wants you to know that all you need for shallow dives is the 'diveman'.

    These people have fought the 'diveman' for years now and have managed to effectively block its distribution to the US. That's why we decided to offer it directly through the internet, to people who are interested.

    Just put the 'diveman' in your bag and go for a dive! You can go as deep as 10
    meters and stay there for hours, WITHOUT the need for scuba tanks or compressors. It is small, transportable and safe. It is based on german engineering, built of the most rugged materials, yet simple enough to be dependable. It has been for sale in various countries for seven years now. The
    reason you will not find it in the US is beacause THE MANUFACTURER DID NOT DARE to sell the product there because of the horrible US litigation laws. For
    the first time now, we took an exclusive licence to SELL TO THE US MARKET only
    through mail order, as long as you sign a paper where:

    1) basically you admit that your intelligence is above a frog's and you can read the manual
    2) you understand basic diving principles
    3) you assume full resposibility for your mistakes, including improper maintenance and assembly
    4) you swear that you will not dare to think to sue the manufacturer for you own mistakes
    .... because if you do we'll laugh at your face !!! as our contract will be based on european law and the courts will not award you a single penny!!

    But we promise to always be here and support you with answers to your questions and ship instantly all the spare parts you will ever need!!

    - The diveman is of great interest
    *for holidaymakers
    *for whom snorkelling is too dull and diving too complicated
    *for club holidaymakers
    *for whom a diving course is too time-consuming
    *for boat owners who would prefer to carry out minor repairs and inspections themselves
    *for windsurfers who have been left high and dry by the wind
    *for snorkelers who are tired of messing around on the surface
    *for divers who want to be free of a compressor
    *for anyone who wants to experience more of the sea

    here is some more introductory spam out of the brochure (ooops, text I mean!)

    <<Swoop and glide "through crystal clear water like a fish, for as long as you
    want. With no complicated equipment. This age-old dream can at last become a reality with DIVEMAN. DIVEMAN is based on a simple and ingenious system. DIVEMAN is the first and only diving device which naturally combines the advantages of both snorkelling and diving. A new dimension in underwater experience."
    An underwater world of the third kind.

    Breathe with your feet

    DIVEMAN functions very simply. The DIVEMAN diver is supplied with fresh breathing air through the air hose by natural swimming movements. Air is sucked in from the surface when the diver extends his or her legs. This air can be comfortably breathed in from the DIVEMAN bottle when the legs are drawn
    in. The spent air escapes into the water through a valve.

    Extend legs. Fresh air is sucked in from the surface. Spent air is simultaneously breathed out into the water via a valve.
    Draw in legs. Fresh air can be comfortably breathed in from the bottle.

    The DIVEMAN experience is the ideal alternative pastime! >>

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