• Late UPDATE Re: PSR 500: Fair Price ?

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    'Bob[_27_ Wrote:

    Too old now to put up with all the convoluted controls and
    programming now, but may get the new Uniden, which apparently is much
    easier to use.

    Anyway, have a GRE PSR 500 to sell.
    Excellent condition; not used very much.

    Anyone have any idea what a fair price to ask would be ?




    Your information below is wrong. The GRE 500 is a digital
    trunking scanner.

    This is your post highlighting the GRE 500.
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    {Flush this!}
    When public service goes all digital - in 2022 - anything analog is
    going to be obsolete and as will be anything digital -because it isn't
    going to work for anything except maybe fire and ambulance and or
    Amateur Radio - if you can actually hear anything on the FM anymore.

    Firstnet is going to make a lot of equipment obsolete - overnight.
    It would be a poor investment to buy any type of scanner for listening
    right now, at least in my neighborhood.

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