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    I have a Pro 2004 radio Shack working scanner however I was wondering >>>> if I do the mod for squelch by removing R148 etween pins 12& 14 0f
    IC@ number oftk10420 will it still work and squelch but better. Do ic >>>> ut away the resistor complete then or just one snip at one end.

    Best thing to do is unsolder and remove it, replacing it with a 220K instead.

    What the mod does is provide more consistency to the circuit. The stock squelch
    circuit on the 2004 never seemed to break squelch setting in the same location.

    Hope this helps.

    John, W2PIO

    John. Thanks very much.I will go to Radio Shack and get one and see
    what I can do to make it more tolerable. And forgive all the spelling
    errors. I was in a hurry that day. Nick

    you've upgraded it to 400 channels already I take it
    and sped up the scan speed?

    I still have a Pro 2004 which has had all the mods done.


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