• Orange County (Calif) Sheriff, silence on 460 MHz

    From timothyleepate@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Douglas Gavilanes on Sat Aug 26 14:15:52 2017
    On Sunday, January 21, 2001 at 9:42:20 PM UTC-8, Douglas Gavilanes wrote:
    Many OC PD's are switching to APCO 25 (one of the beta tests for APCO 25 was in
    Orange County, and now they're lighting it up one agency at a time, for good).
    Anaheim, Brea, and others have already switched. Is the South dispatch in the
    506MHz still active, or did they move that too?


    Doug Gavilanes
    Garden Grove, CA.

    Todd Cruze wrote:

    It finally happened, the Orange County Sheriff's Department (California) 460 MHz system (KMA 752) is now silent except for the morse code identifier.

    They must have completed the switch over to the 866-868 MHz
    Trunked Public Safety/National Emergency National Plan frequencies.

    The new network is digital (APCO 25) and possibly encrypted.

    Any info about fleet maps, repeater sites, MDT's, Orange County Fire,
    city police & fire departments would be greatly appreciated

    I have found radios that have tried to listen but cant. I remember growing up in Anaheim ca. I loved to listen on my scanners. I had so many.People using them for all the wrong reasons made us lose the ability to listen for fun.I don't think you will be
    able to listen any time soon.

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