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    How to program frequentcesi

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    How to program frequentcesi

    Try this:

    press the manual button, enter the frequency, press enter, then press
    the number button that corrisponds with the channel you want to
    program it on.

    For Example: lets say you want to put frequency 155.340 on channel 1.

    press MANUAL, then press 1-5-5-.-1-3-0, then press ENTER, Then Press
    button number 1.

    now you have channel 1 programmed, repeat the steps to program all
    channels, then to make it scan the channels, press scan... Tada!
    you're all set, and if you want it to delay on the channel for a
    second more, press the "." which is also the "DELAY" button, while
    it's scanning, it will say "d" until it stops on an active frequency!

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