• Whistler WS1065 Digital trunking scanner

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 17 10:23:05 2016
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    I found a good deal on this scanner at Sears, and thought I would pass
    it along. This is an excellent scanner, and can be programmed manually.

    It took a few weeks to get it completely figured out, but it was worth
    the time. All you really need to know is the control frequency in your
    area, and you can find that at radioreference.com.

    It has twenty one scanlists. I have mine setup where scanlist one
    scans all the police precincts in my city, and scanlint two scans all
    the emergency police channels, scanlist three scans the task force and
    Swat teams. The Favorite scanlist only scans the precinct that I live

    The scanlists can be toggled off and on by pressing the corresponding
    number while scanning.


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