• Shinwa SR001

    From jimlav72@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue May 17 11:08:49 2016
    Full HF coverage on these units!

    Go to MEM CH with 000.000oo, switch to VFO and scan up only!
    Set aside one MEM BANK for HF scanning, using a system of start frequencies to scan up from. For instance, 500khz, 1.8mhz, 2.5mhz, 5mhz, 10mhz, 15mhz and 20mhz for first channels and then fill in the other 12 channels with HF favorites, maybe keep a 000.
    000ooMhz MEM CH in the same bank so you can get under 500khz!!!


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  • From jimlav72@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 9 03:57:15 2019
    Well it has been 3 years! I'm back!!
    So I do own 2 of these, I am a multi Shinwa owner!
    Anyway I have written much more and just wanted to come share with the group again.
    It amazes me how few people seem to know these are actually 000.000.0 - 999.995.0 (~100 - 1000) no-gap!
    Granted the noise floor without a good antenna on these is noisy and full of junk signals, but if you program the worst ones into the priority channels or I think it's the first 2 banks maybe?, then you can bypass them by locking them out.
    I believe I know/knew absolutely everything about these except fixing them!
    The staticy squelch tail will go away if you program while maintaining an orderly scan by not having say a 488.712.5 on ch 1 and a 156.000 on ch 2. It is far worse when you have say a 145.290 on ch 199 and a 10.000 or a 937.412.5 on ch 1!
    The poor thing has issues switching bands, set scan banks accordingly, (you can mix frequencies but best to not have band changes when bank changes). QSL!
    I couldn't tell you how many cellular signals Iv'e heard! lolzzzzz, I can honestly say there is nothing I haven't heard!
    ~Football star's wifes' chatting, Space Shuttle, Russian satellites beeping, Russian Spy numbers on SW in AM, heard a sniper get the green light to take the shot(tires) and even Air-Force 1 on VHF Air band.
    I've had some long nights just listening to EVERYTHING!!! (I rebuilt my remote 3x)
    On each antenna connection I had a switch for other antennas, LF, HF, VHF hi/lo, UHF hi/lo, 2x different Cellular, and all antennas up high and sometimes amplified, and sometimes attenuated with my HP variable attenuator too.
    I would also keep the metal bracket on a fan or a breeze on the thing to help cool, freakin thing gets hot!
    OK, you have made it to the end!
    Now I will gift you the 'how to' for full coverage!!!!!!!
    Go to one of your empty memory channels 000.000.0 in MEM --> Select: M - VFO --> Scan up ONLY --> Enjoy!
    Now to really make it good, you should use a MEM bank for some key HF band edges for scan start points and use the lock out channels wisely .
    Do this because, when scanning HF bands with 5Khz Step and managing to get halfway through, you will forget and scan down! Scan down will take you back to 999.995 with a noisy squelch tail! Chirp!
    Also set scan mode to [AUD] with 4/5 second delay, (same mode as phone scanning!), this will allow for signal fade and also prevent you from getting stuck on a dead carrier.
    There are monster spurious signals that you will have to block for scan. these are primarily generated within the radio and are worse with poor antenna.

    This could have been the greatest little radio if not for all the noises it makes for itself.
    I grounded mine (of coarse) and used a dummy load and a 50ohm terminator on the antenna connections and scanned once, lol!!! With no antenna it sounds like putting an AM radio wrapped in foil next to a laptop getting internet from your cellphone next to
    it while outputting to an external LCD T.V. display.! Makes you mad almost, that you own such an awesome piece of %^&* that some smart Japanese guys dreamed up that they never got to really finish!
    I love those guys, wish they did a slightly better job and also finished the data port on the rear panel - Eyyaaaa, that'd be great!
    I have 2!

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