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    * Launch Window for AMSAT's RadFxSat-2 / Fox-1E Opens December 19th

    SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-337
    ANS-337 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

    AMSAT News Service Bulletin 337.01
    DATE December 2, 2020
    BID: $ANS-337.01

    Launch Window for AMSAT's RadFxSat-2 / Fox-1E Opens December 19th

    Virgin Orbit has announced that the launch window for their
    LauncherOne Launch Demo 2 mission opens on December 19th. This launch
    will carry AMSAT's RadFxSat-2 / Fox-1E to orbit.

    RadFxSat-2, like RadFxSat / Fox-1B, now AMSAT-OSCAR 91, is a
    partnership opportunity between Vanderbilt University and AMSAT and
    will carry a similar radiation effects experiment, studying new FinFET technology.

    RadFxSat-2 is the fifth and final Fox-1 satellite built by AMSAT. The RadFxSat-2 spacecraft bus is built on the Fox-1 series but features a
    linear transponder “upgrade” to replace the standard FM transponder in Fox-1A through D. In addition, the uplink and downlink bands are
    reversed from the previous Fox satellites in a Mode V/u (J)
    configuration using a 2 meter uplink and 70 cm downlink. The downlink
    features a 1200 bps BPSK telemetry channel to carry the Vanderbilt
    science data in addition to a 30 kHz wide transponder for amateur
    radio use. Telemetry and experiment data can be decoded using FoxTelem
    version 1.09 or later. FoxTelem is available at https://www.amsat.org/foxtelem-software-for-windows-mac-linux/.

    Participation in telemetry collection by as many stations in as many
    parts of the world as possible is essential as AMSAT Engineering looks
    for successful startup and indications of the general health and
    function of the satellite as it begins to acclimate to space. AMSAT
    will send a commemorative 3D printed QSL card to the first station
    capturing telemetry from RadFxSat-2.

    RadFxSat-2 / Fox-1E Frequencies:

    Telemetry Downlink - 435.750 MHz
    Inverting Linear Transponder Uplink - 145.860 MHz - 145.890 MHz
    Inverting Linear Transponder Downlink - 435.760 MHz - 435.790 MHz

    [ANS thanks AMSAT for the above information]


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