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    Atmospheric impact on VHF Radio Propagation

    Posted: 19 Sep 2020 02:09 PM PDT https://vu2nsb.com/radio-propagation/free-space-propagation/atmospheric-vhf-radio-propagation/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=atmospheric-vhf-radio-propagation

    Atmospheric influence on VHF Radio Propagation The overall influence and
    impact of atmospheric conditions on VHF radio propagation quite
    significant. In this article when I say VHF, it would usually mean VHF and
    UHF bands. Although the magnitudes of various effects would vary, the
    behavior and performance of both these bands follow a similar trend. The
    upper part of the UHF spectrum beyond 1GHz leading into the typical
    microwave spectrum would of course exhibit fairly different behavior. Therefore, we will maintain our focus on the atmospheric impact on the VHF
    and lower UHF band with emphasis on the amateur radio bands of VHF (2m) and
    UHF (70cm) Secondly, when I speak of VHF radio propagation, I would be referring to only terrestrial point-to-point communication and not the earth-space communication. The parameters governing earth-space
    communication are entirely different. Another important factor to keep in
    mind is that the atmosphere is a very wide region above the earth extending upwards up to 650-900 Km. Within the atmosphere, there are many
    sub-regions, of which, the Troposphere is the lowest region closest to
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