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    In this edition:

    * AMSAT Board Appoints Officers, Hears Reports
    * AMSAT Board Discusses Policies and Procedures
    * AMSAT Symposium Takes Place in Dallas
    * ESTCube-2 Fails to Deploy After Launch
    * Scientists Confirm Ancient Solar Storm
    * Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution for Oct. 19
    * EVA Event Upcoming on ISS
    * ARISS News
    * Upcoming Satellite Operations
    * Hamfests, Conventions, Maker Faires, and Other Events
    * Satellite Shorts From All Over

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    of a worldwide group of Amateur Radio operators who share an active
    interest in designing, building, launching and communicating through analog
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    ANS-295 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

    From: Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
    712 H Street NE, Suite 1653
    Washington, DC 20002

    DATE 2023 OCT 22

    AMSAT Board Appoints Officers, Hears Reports

    The AMSAT Board of Directors met on Thursday, Oct. 19 in Dallas, Texas in advance of the annual meeting and Symposium.

    + Since Board members whose terms were expiring were all re-elected, the
    Board was as previously constituted. Frank Karnauskas was welcomed as the
    new Alternate Board member.

    + All officers were re-appointed by acclamation:
    President -- Robert Bankston, KE4AL, Dothan, AL
    Executive Vice President -- Paul Stoetzer, N8HM, Washington, DC
    Vice President - Engineering -- Jerry Buxton, N0JY, Granbury, TX
    Vice President - Operations -- Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, Brooksville, FL
    Vice President - Educational Relations -- Alan Johnston, KU2Y, Philadelphia, PA
    Vice President - Development -- Frank Karnauskas, N1UW, Tucson, AZ
    Treasurer -- Steve Belter, N9IP, West Lafayette, IN
    Secretary -- Jeff Davis, KE9V, Yorktown, IN

    + President Robert Bankston gave his President's Report. His focus was on improving transparency and accountability between AMSAT leadership and membership. This would include better reporting of finances, better
    standards for publishing our accomplishments, more attention to Member
    Services for member satisfaction, and redesign of the AMSAT website.

    + Treasurer Steve Belter was not in attendance, but the Treasurer's Report
    was given on his behalf. The financial status of the organization is

    + Alan Johnston, Vice President - Educational Relations, reported that the CubeSat Simulators are getting good use in the amateur community, as well
    as in universities and high schools. The Simulator circuit boards have been selling well, and the fully built loaners are circulating constantly. An upgraded Simulator board, v.2, is in beta, and testers will be recruited
    from among builders of version 1. A new v.2 kit should become available
    next year.

    + The engineering report by Jerry Buxton, Vice President - Engineering, and Jonathan Brandenburg, KF5IDY, Assistant Vice President - Engineering. The engineering team now consists of more than 35 volunteers, each working 4 to
    5 hours per week, on various projects for Fox-Plus, GOLF, ASCENT, and other related efforts. Recruiting of engineering volunteers is ongoing.
    Engineering challenges include supply chain problems and inflationary pressures. As technology advances quickly, some components become
    unavailable in the space between planning and construction. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) make international cooperation difficult.
    The GOLF (Greater Orbit, Larger Footprint) program was approved in 2017
    as an incremental development path for return to High Earth Orbit (HEO). Applications for the first two satellites in this program, GOLF-TEE and
    GOLF-1, have both been accepted by NASA. The satellites are under
    construction, and the first will be delivered to NASA in late 2025, but
    there is no time frame for launch at this time.
    ASCENT (Advanced Satellite Communication and Exploration of New
    Technology) allows a "sandbox" for future satellite systems to be explored
    for eventual flight. Some of these projects are being incorporated into
    GOLF, including the deployable solar panels and the 3U cubesat structure.
    Fox-Plus, a 1U cubesat, is currently under construction utilizing the
    Linear Transponder Module similar to those that have been supplied to
    partners such as HuskySat and MESAT-1. The first Fox-Plus satellite will be completed no earlier than late 2024, with no time frame for launch at this time.

    + Vice President - Operations, Drew Glasbrenner, gave a rundown on
    satellites in orbit. We have a number of old satellites that keep chugging along, and the Operations team manages these resources as possible.

    + Vice President - Development, Frank Karnauskas, reported on plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AO-07 and the publicity surrounding it.
    There was also discussion of the AMSAT News Service bulletins and how they
    are distributed.

    + The IT report focused on the availability of @amsat.org email accounts.
    Costs of maintaining this service have increased immensely, and there have
    been many problems with spam filters crushing mail sent through this

    + Board Member Bruce Paige, KK5DO, reported on AMSAT Field Day and the
    awards programs. The AMSAT Store, reached through the amsat.org website, continues to do a brisk business with the SatPC32 tracking program being
    the best seller.

    + Export Control and Economic Sanctions Compliance Training was the last
    item on the agenda. President Bankston briefed the Board on current legal requirements.

    [ANS thanks AMSAT for the above information]

    The 2023 AMSAT President's Club coins are here now!
    To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its launch
    on June 16, 1983, this year's coin features
    an image of AMSAT-OSCAR 10.
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    AMSAT Board Discusses Policies and Procedures

    President Robert Bankston reconvened the Board of Directors on Friday
    morning, Oct. 20. Bankston opened with a discussion of AMSAT’s poli
    cies and
    procedures, specifically the financial policies and procedures.

    Discussion ensued regarding communicating information regarding Engineering projects and a public release of schedules. In some cases, legal agreements preclude release of specific launch information.

    Discussion also continued regarding budgeting procedures for Engineering projects. Bankston compiled a list of further items for new business to
    discuss by the end of the meeting. Further new business discussion followed

    Paul Stoetzer raised the issue of a document repository to manage corporate documents for
    improving management and communication. It was broadly agreed that AMSAT
    would seek a
    solution in concert with the IT team.

    Drew Glasbrenner was recognized to discuss a potential updated satellite tracking software.

    A concern was raised that more senior AMSAT leadership should attend
    various conferences and events. It was agreed that there would be an
    increase in the amount budgeted for attendance at conferences in the 2024 Budget.

    There was discussion of allocating funds for services would be contracted
    for user services, since AMSAT no longer has any employees.

    A discussion also ensued on the AMSAT IP Policy. It was agreed that ideas
    for updating it would be developed and discussed in January.

    Alternate Director Frank Karnauskas was recognized to discuss the need to define positions before filling them with volunteers. Some feel that
    positions need to be flexible in order to fit the willingness of volunteers

    Jerry Buxton opened discussion of ITU/FCC satellite authorization. He
    suggested obtaining external support to handle applications for satellite authorization. Drew Glasbrenner, as the AMSAT licensee, concurred. It was broadly agreed that it would be a benefit.

    As the 50th anniversary of AO-7 draws near, plans are in the works for celebrating the anniversary.

    Also discussed were potential locations for the 2024 Symposium. It was
    broadly agreed that Florida would be the location.

    President Bankston mentioned his desire for re-engagement with our sister AMSATs around the world on satellite programs. The Board broadly agreed
    that the President should reach out to
    international AMSAT leadership and begin discussions.

    The need was discussed for an updating of the Getting Started Guide and the need for a new editor.

    President Bankston adjourned the meeting so that all could move on to
    attending the 41st AMSAT Symposium.

    [ANS thanks Paul Stoetzer, Acting Secretary, for the above information]

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