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    In this edition:

    * Astronaut Hams Complete ISS Crew Transition
    * AMSAT SA Space Symposium to be Held Online
    * All South African Grids Roved on Satellite
    * VUCC Satellite Standings -- September 2023
    * Japan Scrubs Launch of X-Ray Telescope and Moon Lander
    * India's Lunar Lander Sparks Interest in the Moon
    * ARISS News
    * Upcoming Satellite Operations
    * Hamfests, Conventions, Maker Faires, and Other Events
    * Satellite Shorts From All Over

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    ANS-246 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

    From: Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
    712 H Street NE, Suite 1653
    Washington, DC 20002

    DATE 2023 Sep 03

    Astronaut Hams Complete ISS Crew Transition

    The eleven orbital residents aboard the International Space Station (ISS)
    spent this week gearing up for a crew split as the four newest members
    continue to settle into their daily routines in weightlessness and four
    other Expedition 69 crew members prepare for their ride home to Earth.

    Two crews are in the process of swapping places as NASA astronauts Woody Hoburg, KB3HTZ, and Stephen Bowen, KI5BKB, along with UAE (United Arab Emirates) Flight Engineer Sultan Alneyadi, KI5VTV, and Roscosmos Flight Engineer Andrey Fedyaev, spent most of their time handing over responsibilities, including training new crew members on station procedures
    and the use of station exercise equipment.

    Sunday, August 27 saw the arrival of NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli,
    KI5WSL, Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, KG5GCZ, JAXA astronaut
    Satoshi Furukawa, KE5DAW, and Roscosmos cosmonaut Konstantin Borisov to the station as the SpaceX Dragon Endurance Spacecraft docked to the Harmony
    module. The international quartet is quickly adjusting to orbital tasks and spent some of Thursday on the firsts of many science and maintenance
    activities they’ll perform in microgravity during their six-month s

    The four Crew-6 members -- Hoburg, Bowen, Alneyadi and Fedyaev -- are
    nearing the end of their six-month research mission and spent the afternoon prepping and packing SpaceX’s Dragon Endeavour spacecraft for depar
    ture no
    earlier than Sept. 2. This will bring the space station’s populatio
    n down
    to seven before further crew swaps take place in September.

    [As always, amateur radio operations on the ISS are suspended during
    docking and undocking maneuvers, as well as during spacewalks (EVAs).
    Amateurs on earth should expect interruptions of the ARISS FM repeater and ARISS digipeater this weekend.]

    Astronaught Frank Rubio, and cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dimitri
    Petelin will soon reach a year in space after arriving to the station on
    Sept. 21, 2022, and are gearing up for their trek home in late September.
    The three long-time station residents continued to help with crew handover activities on Thursday and completed some station maintenance tasks of
    their own.

    [ANS thanks NASA for the above information]

    The 2023 AMSAT President's Club coins are here now!
    To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its launch
    on June 16, 1983, this year's coin features
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    AMSAT SA Space Symposium to be Held Online

    AMSAT South Africa has announced that the 2023 AMSAT SA Space Symposium
    will be held on Saturday, 23 September 2023.

    It will be a virtual event opening participation to people anywhere in the world. The event will be hosted on the Bluejeans platform from 09:00

    15:00 SAST (07:00 - 13:00 UTC). Those registered will receive an email with logon details.

    The aim of the AMSAT SA Space symposium is to take amateur radio into
    space, encourage more amateur satellite operation, development, and

    Registration is required and will be free but a donation to the AMSAT SA managed SARL Next Generation Beacon fund would be appreciated. Registration opened 24 August at bit.ly/45SynOJ

    Call for papers

    Proposals for papers are invited. Send a summary of the proposed paper in
    MS word to admin@amsatsa.org.za. The closing date for paper proposals is 4 September 2023. The final programme will be published on on 6 September

    [ANS thanks AMSAT SA for the above information]

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