• [AMSAT-UK] Guide to using FT4 on satellites

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    Guide to using FT4 on satellites

    Posted: 15 Aug 2021 09:29 AM PDT https://amsat-uk.org/2021/08/15/guide-to-using-ft4-on-satellites/

    AMSAT-SM have published a guide to using the popular digital mode FT4 via
    the amateur radio satellites using SDR-Console software, a SDR receiver and
    the Icom IC-705 as the transmitter.

    The guide covers:

    • Step 1 – Setup SDR-Console and IC-705 with correct frequency

    • Step 2 – Config WSJT-X

    • Step 3 – Start Satellite External Radio in SDR-Console

    • Step 4 – Select correct RX frequency in SDR-Console

    • Step 5 – Find yourself on the satellite transponder

    • Step 6 – Start calling CQ

    • How to use a 2nd instance of WSJT-X for RX of your own FT4 signal

    Read the guide at https://www.amsat.se/2021/08/15/ft4-via-satellite-with-sdr-console-and-ic-705/

    This is a short video of FT-4 communication via satellite AO-73 with SDR-Console V3.1 and Icom IC-705. It is a part of a guide that will be published later on AMSAT-SM web https://www.amsat.se/

    In the first part you will see the first screen with SDR-Console with
    Airspy Mini as receiver, audio is piped to WSJT-X. You will also see SDR-Console handle the TX Doppler correction for the IC-705 via “External radio”.

    In the second part you will see the second screen with WSJT-X connected to IC-705. The output was only one (1) to two (2) watts! You can see that
    WSJT-X is reading the Doppler corrected frequency. You will also see SDR-Console satellite tracking and PstRotator controlling the SPID RAS
    Watch FT4 via AO-73 with SDR-Console and Icom IC-705

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