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    IARU in the CEPT Working Groups

    Posted: 11 Jun 2021 07:53 AM PDT https://amsat-uk.org/2021/06/11/iaru-in-the-cept-working-groups/

    IARU volunteers have been participating in the CEPT FM and SE Working
    Groups looking after the amateur and amateur satellite service interests.
    CEPT WG-SE #88 took place during April and WG-FM #99 took place at the end
    of May.

    The report from the IARU Region 1 site says:

    WG-FM’s project teams tackle a wide range of civil spectrum applications
    and are developing important regulatory deliverables relating to wireless
    power transfer and the 23cm band RNSS coexistence topic amongst other
    things. Work on both these topics is ongoing.

    The CEPT Radio Amateur Forum Group (RAFG) is hosted by WG-FM and is chaired
    by the IARU for the time being. Its main task is maintenance of the CEPT Recommendations TR61-01 and TR61-02. A proposal to merge the activities of
    the RAFG into project team FM58 (Maritime) has been made but the final
    decision has been held over until the next WG-FM meeting. The RAFG was
    tasked at this meeting with a new work item to consider the feasibility of developing an electronic database of CEPT wide amateur licensing
    documentation. This was supported by six administrations.


    In WG-SE technical spectrum sharing studies are taking place covering;

    • Wireless power transfer including consideration of electric vehicle charging (WPT- EV).

    • UWB radiodetermination in 116 – 250 GHz.

    • Vehicular radar systems in 77 – 81 GHz.

    • Security Scanners in the range 60 90 GHz.

    • 23cm band RNSS coexistence (related to the WRC item and reported in
    detail elsewhere)


    Amateur service frequency bands are within the scope of all these studies
    and fall under the remit of the IARU R1 SRLC


    A summary report of the WG-SE meeting is at


    The WG-FM meeting is at


    Working Group FM Meeting 99 documents


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