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    EASAT-2 and Hades launch delayed again

    Posted: 30 May 2021 09:08 AM PDT https://amsat-uk.org/2021/05/30/easat-2-and-hades-launch-delayed-again/

    AMSAT-EA Hades PocketQube

    Spains URE reports the launch of EASAT-2 and Hades satellites have suffered another delay.

    A translation of the URE post reads:

    EASAT-2 and Hades, the communications satellites for radio amateurs built
    by AMSAT-EA, will not be able to be launched in June with SpaceX as
    planned, as the FAA (the American Aviation Administration) has rejected the license to the integrator Momentus Space, On whose orbital transfer vehicle Vigoride was to be mounted the AlbaPOD ejector from Alba Orbital, within
    which are the satellites of AMSAT EA, as well as other organizations and universities.

    The reasons for the FAAs rejection stem from the companys capital
    structure, which, according to the American agency, could endanger the
    national security of the United States. The next launch opportunity could
    come in December.

    EASAT-2 and Hades were to have been launched in January this year aboard a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket, but the Momentus license was also rejected by the
    FAA at the time.

    Both satellites are FM and FSK voice repeaters, also having digitized voice recordings. Hades also incorporates an SSTV camera developed by the
    University of Brno in the Czech Republic and EASAT-2 incorporates as an experimental load a basaltic material from Lanzarote, similar to lunar
    basalts, provided by the research group on meteorites and planetary
    geosciences of the CSIC in the Institute of Geosciences, IGEO (CSIC-UCM)
    and that it could be used as a construction material on the Moon. This
    project was promoted and has the collaboration of the ETSICCP (UPM).

    The frequencies coordinated with the IARU for both satellites are the following:


    • 145.875 MHz uplink, Modes: FM voice (without sub-tone) and FSK 50 bps

    • 436.666 MHz downlink, Modes: FM voice, CW, FSK 50 bps, FM voice beacon
    with AM5SAT callsign


    • 145.925 MHz uplink, Modes: FM voice (without sub-tone) and FSK 50 bps

    • 436.888 MHz downlink, Modes: FM voice, CW FSK 50 bps, SSTV Robot 36, FM voice beacon with callsign AM6SAT

    Source URE https://tinyurl.com/IARU-Spain

    Read the May 2021 AMSAT-EA newsletter in English at

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