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    Meteor explodes over the English Channel (20th of March 2021) - Were there
    any unusual radio signals??

    Posted: 21 Mar 2021 01:10 AM PDT https://ei7gl.blogspot.com/2021/03/meteor-explodes-over-england-on-20th-of.html

    On Saturday the 20th of March 2021 at approximately 14:53 UTC, a large
    meteor entered the earths atmosphere and burnt up over the English Channel.

    According to a news report on the BBC website, this resulted in a large
    sonic boom as the meteor exploded.Massive bang over #Dorchester around 20 minutes ago. Any sound nerds know what it is? #Dorset. pic.twitter.com/tHnHEifhhF— Ollie Peart (@Ollieep) March 20, 2021
    The meteor probably burnt up at a height of about 100kms which meant it
    would have been visible over quite a large area.

    The photo above is from a dashcam on the island of Jersey.

    This image from a weather satellite shows a flash over the Bristol Channel. Note however how much the photo is distorted which suggests that perhaps
    the photo was taken from a geostationary satellite over the equator and it
    is looking at the UK from a low elevation. That 'white dot' may not be
    actually over the Bristol Channel but it could be maybe 200kms further
    south. Note that while the clouds in this picture might be say 10kms above
    the ground level, the flash is about 100kms up.
    There are other reports of a meteor burning up over the English Channel....
    see HERE

    Any unusual radio signals???

    As this large meteor burnt up at a height of about 100kms above the earths surface, it would have left a trail of ionised gas in its wake.
    I know it's a long shot but I wonder if anyone noticed any unusual signals
    at about 14:53 UTC on the 20th of March 2021?
    Example. Were you on a digital mode like FT8 on 28 MHz, 50 MHz or 70 MHz?
    If your WST-X programme is still running from Saturday then you can go back
    and have a look. Your logbook of received signals is up on the PSK Reporter website for 24 hours after the event.
    Example. Were you listening on the FM band (88-108MHz)? Were you using an
    SDR receiver and recording the band?
    If you heard anything then get in touch or leave a comment.
    Roughwork for myself below...28 MHz
    Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
    G0HIU 10m FT8 757 km 14:55:59
    EI7GL 10m FT8 715 km 14:55:59
    PE1IWT 10m FT8 821 km 14:55:59
    GW7KNF 10m FT8 662 km 14:55:56
    G4HZW 10m FT8 683 km 14:55:56
    PA3MZ 10m FT8 699 km 14:55:56
    PA3DOL 10m FT8 779 km 14:55:56
    EI2FG 10m FT8 705 km 14:55:56
    F4UJU EI2FG 10m FT8 883 km 15:00:41
    F6BLP EI2FG 10m FT8 705 km 14:55:56
    G4RGK EI2FG 10m FT8 495 km 14:54:41
    F6KHM EI2FG 10m FT8 466 km 14:53:56
    EA1AHY GW7KNF 10m FT8 1061 km 14:59:41
    EA1NE GW7KNF 10m FT8 1195 km 14:57:11
    F6BLP GW7KNF 10m FT8 662 km 14:55:56
    F6KHM GW7KNF 10m FT8 500 km 14:55:26
    G4RGK GW7KNF 10m FT8 275 km 14:54:44
    G0OPI 10m FT8 322 km 14:55:59
    GW7KNF 10m FT8 500 km 14:55:26
    G4RGK 10m FT8 442 km 14:54:29
    EI2FG 10m FT8 466 km 14:53:56
    EA1UR 10m FT8 646 km 14:53:27
    I'll have to work on this when I have more time but early results seem to
    show something did indeed happen off the north coast of Normandy and

    28 MHz signals...EA1NE G4RGK 10m FT8 1087 km 14:57:14 IN72PD
    G4RGK G0KTN 10m FT8 112 km 14:56:15
    CT1EWD G4RGK 10m FT8 1576 km 14:55:59 IM58KP
    G4RGK G3ZDF 10m FT8 83 km 14:55:41
    G4RGK G7OED 10m FT8 86 km 14:55:14
    G4RGK DO1RJB 10m FT8 488 km 14:55:14 JO31CD
    G4RGK CT2IWW 10m FT8 1277 km 14:55:12 IN51WF
    G4RGK F5SRH 10m FT8 440 km 14:55:11 IN97AQ
    F6DWO G4RGK 10m FT8 402 km 14:54:59 JN18FO
    G4RGK EA1MX 10m FT8 936 km 14:54:44 IN73XK
    G4RGK GW7KNF 10m FT8 275 km 14:54:44 IO72VV
    G4RGK EA1A 10m FT8 941 km 14:54:44 IN73WJ
    G4RGK EA1UR 10m FT8 1087 km 14:54:42 IN53TF
    G4RGK G4HZW 10m FT8 220 km 14:54:41
    G4RGK EA1KE 10m FT8 973 km 14:54:41 IN63XN
    G4RGK EI2FG 10m FT8 495 km 14:54:41 IO61AW
    F6KHM G4RGK 10m FT8 442 km 14:54:29 IN78RJ
    50 MHz

    Path between F4BKV and Ireland on 50 MHz. See times below...F4BKV EI4DQ 6m
    FT8 880 km 14:54:14F4BKV 6m FT8 880 km 14:53:44

    Back on 28 MHz as my 10m antenna returns from the dead

    Posted: 20 Mar 2021 12:57 PM PDT https://ei7gl.blogspot.com/2021/03/back-on-28-mhz-as-my-10m-antenna.html

    Back in mid-February 2021, my vertical half-wave for 10-metres cracked into
    two pieces after a windy few days. After seeing half of the antenna
    sticking out of a hedge, I had pretty much given up on it and thought it
    was a dead duck.
    I looked at other options such as buying a new antenna or building
    something and didn't really decide on anything.
    With the current spell of mild dry weather over Ireland, I finally got
    around to examining the broken antenna this weekend. It had a reasonably
    clean break so I cleaned it up, cut off a damaged section with a hacksaw,
    put in a slot for the lower section to compress and tighten and hey presto, it's back in action!
    As the antenna was so wideband anyway, losing 10cms or so of it had no
    impact on the VSWR at the bottom end of 28 MHz.
    I left on the radio on 28 MHz today and this is what I heard on the FT8 frequency...

    There is evidence of some weak Sporadic-E around Europe as well as some F2 propagation to Israel, Africa and Brazil. The solar flux is down at 74
    which is pretty much rock bottom.
    I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the 10-metre band. Even though
    I have no real interest in making contacts, it's good to be back listening
    on the band again.

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