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    LunART- Lunar Amateur Radio Transponder

    Posted: 10 Jul 2020 06:17 AM PDT https://amsat-uk.org/2020/07/10/lunart-lunar-amateur-radio-transponder/

    The European Space Agency (ESA) website has published a proposal by radio amateurs from AMSAT-DL for LunART (Lunar Amateur Radio Transponder): a Communications Platform on the Large European Lander to support
    communication and payload experiments.

    Peter G├╝lzow DB2OS and Matthias Bopp DD1US say a LunART Communications Platform on the Large European Lander will support direct communication
    with earth through amateur radio frequencies in the microwave bands,
    support University and Student Payloads with direct access to their experiments, allow Radio Science for a huge community of radio amateur operators and scientists worldwide. It would also provide an important
    back-up communication capability and capacity during emergency or when ESA network is busy, for example during non-critical times.

    Read the proposal at https://ideas.esa.int/servlet/hype/IMT?userAction=Browse&templateName=&documentId=81f70b2b01f6993c1b76fb6b572ee6c5

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