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    Why might Antenna Height matter more than Gain

    Posted: 09 Jul 2020 08:28 AM PDT https://vu2nsb.com/why-might-antenna-height-matter-more-than-gain/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=why-might-antenna-height-matter-more-than-gain

    Does antenna height matter more than gain? Though it may seem to be
    paradoxical at first sight, the fact is that very often the antenna height above ground might matter more than its published gain when it comes to HF
    band antennas used for DX operation. Long-range DX contacts on HF bands typically require long skips on optimally selected frequency bands for best results. To achieve this objective, the radiation takeoff angle (TOA) has
    to be quite low. Especially, under low SSN conditions (as is prevalent at
    the time of writing this post), when the ionospheric plasma densities are
    low and the slab thickness is also less, the higher TOA signals might
    penetrate the ionosphere to be lost in outer space. Low TOA signals from
    the antenna provide us the best prospects. Does this mean that we need to search for some special kind of antenna with low TOA capability to deploy
    at our QTH? NO! We dont Every antenna can be installed in a manner so as to provide low TOA, however, the user must be aware of how... Click Here to
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