• CQ Newsroom: Hurricane Watch Net Update on Grace and Henri

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    Hurricane Watch Net Update on Grace and Henri

    Posted: 20 Aug 2021 02:19 PM PDT http://cqnewsroom.blogspot.com/2021/08/hurricane-watch-net-update-on-grace-and.html

    The following is from Hurricane Watch Net Manager Bobby Graves, KB5HAV: The Hurricane Watch Net will activate for Hurricane Grace at 5:00 PM EDT (2100
    UTC) August 20 on 14.325.00 MHz and continue on this frequency until we
    lose propagation. We will startup on 7.268.00 MHz at 7:00 PM EDT (2300 UTC)
    and continue for as long as we have propagation. Grace, as of 1800 UTC, is
    a Category 1 Hurricane with sustained winds of 90 mph, is expected to make landfall sometime around midnight local time between Túxpam and Veracruz. Henri, a Tropical Storm, forecast to become a Hurricane later today, is expected to hit the New England area on Sunday. Therefore, we will activate Sunday morning at 8:00 AM EDT (1200 UTC) on 14.325.00 MHz and remain active there as long as propagation allows. We will start up on 7.268.00 MHz at
    7:00 PM EDT (2300 UTC) and remain active there until we lose propagation.
    If required, we will resume operations on Monday beginning at 8:00 AM EDT
    (1200 UTC) on 14.325.00 MHz As with any Net Activation, we welcome your observed ground-truth data from those in the affected area. The information forecasters at the National Hurricane Center need includes Wind Speed, Wind Gust, Wind Direction, Barometric Pressure – if available, Rainfall, Damage, and Storm Surge. Measured weather data is always appreciated but we do
    accept estimated. We are also available to provide backup communications
    to official agencies such as Emergency Operations Centers, Red Cross
    officials, and Storm Shelters in the affected area. We also collect and
    forward significant damage assessment data to FEMA officials stationed in
    the National Hurricane Center. Once we have completed operations for
    Grace, we will shift our focus to Herni. Henri is expected to make landfall
    in the New England area on Sunday. We will announce activation plans for
    Henri as soon as possible. We are quickly approaching the heart of
    hurricane season. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have a
    Family Emergency Plan in place as well as reviewing your Emergency Supply Checklist. If you don’t have one of each already, you can download them
    from our website homepage, www.hwn.org.

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