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    AF7KB & KC7YL

    Posted: 25 Feb 2022 11:00 PM PST

    Episode 390 Michael Burnette, AF7KB, and Kerry Burnette, KC7YLMichael
    Burnette, AF7KB, and his wife, Kerry Burnette, KC7YL, are both active in amateur radio, a board member and president, respectively of their local amateur radio club, and the creators of the Fast Track series of amateur
    radio licensing manuals, originally designed by Michael for Kerry. As a
    result they are both on the fast track to amateur radio success. They
    share their ham radio story in this QSO Today.Show NotesSponsor TranscriptListen to PodcastOur Listener SponsorsThis list is the total
    amounts contributed as sponsorships and/or donations since Episode 1 in
    July 2014. Only those who agreed to be publicly recognized are on the list below.The Fast Track To Your Ham Radio License
    Fast Track Ham Radio YouTube Channel

    Michaels Hometown: Fresno, California

    Kerrys Hometown: Spokane, Washington

    Michaels Ham Radio Mentor: Chris Byrd, KB7LCR

    Kerrys father was: Chief of Navigation, Submarines, US Navy

    Michaels father was: WW2 Submarine Radioman

    Current Rigs:
    Kenwood, TM-D710GA Dual Band Transceiver, in the Truck
    Icom IC-746 HF Transceiver
    Buddipole Antenna

    WW2 Secret Code Machines
    Morse Code
    Foxhole Radio in Superman Comic Book
    Woodworking Hobby
    Electric Substation
    Summer School Electronics Course for Kids
    5 Tube Superheterodyne Receiver
    Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter
    Heathkit HR-10 Receiver
    Fresno State College, Radio, TV, and Drama
    Carrier Current Transmitter to Dorms
    Bill Drake, RKO
    KYNO Fresno
    KMAK Fresno
    Ron Jacobs, Radio Promoter Fresno
    FM104 KJQY San Diego
    Westinghouse Group W Stations
    KMEO, Phoenix
    Bend, Oregon
    Personal Development Movement
    Werner Erhard
    EST Personal Development
    Match.com Internet Dating
    University of Washington, Geology
    University of Washington, Masters in Teaching
    The Fast Track To Understanding Radio Ratings, by Michael Burnette
    Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    2008 Financial Crisis
    Truck Driver Long Haul Occupation USA
    JB Hunt Company
    Genreal Class Amateur Radio License
    Randy Stover, WA6UOD - Radio Station Chief Engineer in Fresno
    Snohomish County Ham Club
    Fluke Meters
    Boeing Corporation
    Mike and Key Club
    Tacoma Amateur Radio Club
    Marine AIS System
    Maker Movement
    Rube Goldberg Project
    Snap Circuits

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: bad advice and negative
    comments from Facebook Hams. Students are not nearly as hands on as they
    used to be.

    Excited most by: Kerry: Reinvigorating and energizing the club after
    lockdown. Michael: we hams keep inventing real cool stuff like FT-8, FT-4, APRS.

    Advice to new or returning hams: join your local club. All of the radio
    you learned in the past, still applies. Tap the educational resources of multiple sources. The RSS Feed for all audio content from QSO today is available from here.

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