• [WB4SON] Completed my CWops Beginner Class Instruction

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    Completed my CWops Beginner Class Instruction

    Posted: 26 Feb 2022 12:24 PM PST

    I had the privilege of working with seven students across 9 different time zones this winter as their advisor/instructor for a CW Academy Beginner CW class.  After 16 sessions (twice a week for eight weeks), Im happy to say
    that all the students were promoted to the next level class.  They went
    from little to no experience with Morse Code to being able to copy and send
    all characters at 20 WPM.  Most of them have completed at least one
    on-the-air CW QSO, and all of them have had contacts via Google Meetings.

    A tip of the hat to Dave, Edwin, Rob, Stephen, Ted, Wilbert, and Willard!

    A surprise POTA Award!

    Posted: 26 Feb 2022 11:02 AM PST

    I was checking my Hunter status today to see how far I was from the next
    award and discovered a new award had arrived a few days back (Feb 18th). 
    It is the Operator to Operator award, given for working the same operator
    at 50 different parks.

    For months, Ive enjoyed working Bill Brown K4NYM on CW, often several times
    a day.  Its gotten to the point where I recognize his signal by sound
    before I get a chance to copy his call.  Without knowing it, Bill and I
    have worked each other in 50 different parks.  He is an amazing adventurer
    to be out and about so often.  There have been some days when the clouds, cold, and damp just seep into my bones this winter, but contacting Bill
    always makes me feel better.  Thank you Bill !

    And speaking of thanks, I continue to be amazed by the Parks On The Air
    program that Jason W3AAX and his team have put together.  We are lucky to
    be in a hobby with so many selfless folks that make it an absolute joy to
    be on the air!

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