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    The RaDAR Challenge - How to

    Posted: 26 Feb 2022 11:45 AM PST https://zs6bne.wordpress.com/2022/02/26/the-radar-challenge-how-to/

    The first RaDAR Challenge takes place from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC on
    Saturday 2 April 2022. Contest details can be seen on http://radarops.co.za/index.php/radar-rules/

    The RaDAR Challenge is for everyone. All logs however have to be logged
    online at http://www.radarops.co.za/radarsport/RaDAR_Sport.html In order to
    log online you will need a PIN which relates to your own call sign and can
    be obtained by contacting Eddie ZS6BNE at edleighton@gmail.com

    The logging process is important. Logs can be uploaded via ADIF if you log
    your QSOs using a different logging program but you will still need to edit RaDAR related fields online.

    New log

    As with any QSO log these are the standard fields that need to be logged.
    The frequency should be to the nearest kHz and the times in UTC and usually
    the time at the end of the QSO to be most accurate. This is important.
    RaDAR evaluations allow a maximum of five minutes difference in time. RSTs, Comments and Power are just additional information and not that critical as
    far as RaDAR evaluations go. Just good to know information.

    RaDAR Related fields

    The RaDAR Related fields are most important. With any RaDAR Challenge deployment only five contacts are needed for every deployment done. Some
    hams however make more than the required five contacts. Here you have a
    choice to mark the five QSOs you consider to be the most important per deployment.


    Also very important, mark which category your RaDAR Chellenge is
    participating in. See the RaDAR rules for more info on these various categories. Evaluations are done online according to these various
    categories after the challenge. There is no need to submit a log, it is
    already online!

    Your deployment grid locator and the other station grid are most important
    and important that they are accurate. Ideally both stations should be
    logging on the system as that validates the QSO and the exchange accuracy.
    This allows for bonus points to be generated during the evaluation process.

    Mode of transport (If any)

    Of course, your method of transport, if any, is important too. Fixed, field stations and moving stations have different multipliers. Make sure that you specify these criteria correctly.

    Evaluations can be done online at any time by anyone. The evaluator can be accessed at http://www.radarops.co.za/radarsport/evaluate_Sprint.html

    The goal of RaDAR

    The QSO between Bob KK4DIV and Greg N4KGL is the goal we try to achieve
    during the RaDAR Challenges. Good luck and have fun!

    73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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