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    Posted: 11 Feb 2022 11:00 PM PST

    Episode 388 - Corey Ruth - KD3CRCorey Ruth, KD3CR, was a speaker in last Augusts QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, with a presentation titled, HF in an
    HOA: The BBTD Attic Antenna. His presentation captured my attention
    because Corey is a relatively new ham, living in an HOA, an immigrant to
    the United States, and using an antenna that for all intents and purposes,
    was too good to be true. You will hear in this interview that my
    conversion from being a skeptic to a believer is complete. I know that you will find this interview with KD3CR very interesting, allowing you to draw
    your own conclusions.Show NotesSponsor TranscriptionListen to PodcastOur Listener SponsorsThis list is the total amounts contributed as sponsorships and/or donations since Episode 1 in July 2014. Only those who agreed to be publicly recognized are on the list below.Become an Expo Volunteer or Moderatorrey Ruth KD3CR - HF in an HOA: The BBTD Attic Antenna - with
    Questions and answers
    HF in HOA Slides

    First License: Age 30, KG5PXQ
    Upgrade: General. Age 30
    Upgrade: Extra, Age 33
    Vanity Callsign: KD3CR

    Mentor: Bill Boedeker, NM5BB

    Current Rig:
    Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver
    Yaesu FT-857 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
    Favorite Operating Mode: SSB, enjoy CW

    TV Antenna Installer Vintage
    Wiarton, Ontario, Canada
    Wiarton Willie
    Puxatony Phil
    GroundHog Day
    Bill Murray
    Commodore 64 Computer
    IBM PC Compatible
    DOS Operating System
    University of Waterloo, History, BA
    Royal Canadian Navy
    Centennial College, Toronto, PR and Corporate Communications
    "Tech Adjacent"
    Constitution of the United States
    British North America Act
    Brian Mulrony, Premier of Canada
    United States Bill of Rights
    Los Alamos, NM
    Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club
    Atom Bomb
    Manhattan Project
    Bradbury Museum, Los Alamos
    ARRL Technician Class License Manual, now the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Baofeng Radios
    Yeasu FT-857D HF/VHF/UHF
    ARRL Field Day
    Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver
    Amateur Radio Repeater Offset
    CTCSS Code
    Traveling Wave Antenna
    CW Academy
    FT-8 Digital Mode
    Worked All States
    Hawaii State QSO Party
    DXCC Award
    Thirteen Colonies Amateur Radio Special Event
    Queen Annes Amateur Radio Club
    Potomac Valley Radio Club
    Starship captains chair, ThinkGeek.com

    Advice to new or returning hams: get involved with the local ham club, and
    dont be discouraged with the first club, try other clubs. The RSS Feed for
    all audio content from QSO today is available from here.

    Please join our QSO Today community by pressing the button below. It is the best way to suggest guests and topics, and provide feedback to Eric, 4Z1UG.SubscribeIcom IC-7300 HF TransceiverYaesu FT-857 HF/VHF/UHF

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