• [W2LJ] ARRL announces Field Day rule changes for 2022

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    ARRL announces Field Day rule changes for 2022

    Posted: 09 Feb 2022 07:47 AM PST http://w2lj.blogspot.com/2022/02/arrl-announces-field-day-rule-changes.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    From the ARRL Website:
    Some New Rules Going into Effect this Year for ARRL Field Day
    After taking a few detours over the past couple of years due to the
    COVID-19 pandemic, ARRL Field Day rules are being updated on a permanent
    basis starting this summer. ARRL conducted a Field Day community survey
    with invitations propagated far and wide, and direct emails sent to more
    than 15,000 individuals and ARRL-affiliated clubs. After sorting through, reviewing, and discussing the survey results, the ARRL Programs and
    Services Committee recommended a number of rule changes for ARRL Field Day, which will take place this year over the June 25 – 26 weekend.
    Starting this year, the maximum PEP output for a transmitter used by anyone submitting a Field Day log will be 100 W. The power multiplier of 2 will
    remain in place, and the high-power category will be removed from the
    rules. Until this year, the maximum low-power limit had been 150 W for most ARRL-sponsored operating events. The power multiplier will remain at 5 for
    QRP participants running a maximum of 5 W or less. As previously announced,
    100 W is now the low-power category limit for all ARRL and IARU HF
    Contests, effective January 1, 2022.
    A couple of changes instituted initially as accommodations for the COVID-19 pandemic will remain. Class D (Home) stations will continue to be able to
    earn points for contacts with other Class D stations. The club aggregate scoring change initiated in 2020 as a temporary measure will become part of
    the permanent rules. In the aggregate scoring plan, the scores of
    individual stations are combined under the score of a single club.
    Another change, involving Rule 7.3.2 Media Publicity, has been modified.
    Rules to date have offered 100 bonus points for attempting to obtain
    publicity and demonstrating same. With the ease of posting via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other media websites, Field Day
    participants will now be required to obtain publicity, not just try to do
    so. Any combination of bona fide media hits would qualify for the bonus
    points. For example, posting the details of your upcoming or ongoing Field
    Day activity, or your Field Day results, on a club or news media site, on Facebook, or via Twitter and Instagram would meet the bonus criteria.
    Photos and videos are encouraged as part of media posts.
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    Low attendence?

    Posted: 08 Feb 2022 12:36 PM PST http://w2lj.blogspot.com/2022/02/low-attendence.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    From what I've been reading on QRP-L, Freeze Your Buns Off, held this past Saturday didn't have much in the way of participation. I'm partly to blame
    for that as I haven't been in the mood lately to get on the radio. But is
    this a creeping phenomena?
    The warmer weather staples, QRP To The Field, The Flight of the Bumblebees,
    the NJQRP Skeeter Hunt and for that matter, an October event, The Zombie Shuffle still seem to have a decent amount of participation. But other
    events seem to be experiencing a decreasing amount of participation. Maybe that's just my misguided perception?
    I think a big part of this is publicity and advertising. If you want a successful event, you can't announce it once and expect everyone to
    just "show up". There has to be way more than that. Multiple announcements
    (not to the point of SPAM, of course, but more than one) need to be made.
    And the announcements need to be made in as many outlets as possible. QRP-L
    is a good starter, but other QRP e-mail group reflectors. as well as social media sites need to be utilized.
    Maybe that seems like too much effort on the part of the organizers. I
    don't know. But it seem to me, if you want an event with lots of
    participation, you have to get the word out early and often. You can't sit
    back on the laurels of past participation and assume everyone will remember
    for next year, ESPECIALLY when the sunspots are in the doldrums. We seem to
    be coming out of that now, though - maybe that will help.
    72 de Larry W2LJ
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