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    DX Central's MW Frequency Challenge

    Posted: 08 Feb 2022 03:23 PM PST http://ve7sl.blogspot.com/2022/02/dx-centrals-mw-frequency-challenge.html

    If you like DXing the broadcast band, then the weekly ‘DX Central MW Frequency Challenge' may be of interest to you. It’s run and organized by Loyd Van Horn, W4LVH, a dedicated DXer and a big promoter of BCB DXing.

    Basically, participants are asked to listen on the chosen frequency for a
    one week period and report what they have been able to identify. Results
    of course will be different throughout the continent but if you are near
    any other listeners, it’s always fun to compare your final results.

    The new frequency (or frequencies) are announced Sunday evening around
    0300Z on Loyd's regular live-feed Youtube channel as well as on his Twitter feed @dxcentral

    Loggings are reported via a fill-in form which is updated weekly.

    As well, information on most aspects of AM BCB DXing can be found on
    Loyd’s website.

    Hopefully you can give it a shot during the week and see what you can

    This week’s frequency is 1080 kHz.

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