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    There was life on the CW portion of the bands from 19:00-20:00 UTC!

    Posted: 02 Feb 2022 02:14 PM PST http://ve3wdm.blogspot.com/2022/02/there-was-life-on-cw-portion-of-bands.html

    20m at 19:10 during the CWops 1 hour contest

    With the increase in sunspots and rising flux comes some solar flares and
    the Kp-index will have it's ups and downs. This afternoon the Kp index up
    was up to 5 and 6 and that does not my Mike the ham a happy person. Now
    having said that right in the middle of the high Kp index the bands at
    19:00 UTC came alive! It was the weekly running of the CWops test, a one
    hour contest. Before the contest 20m was dead and at 1900 UTC life was
    brought to the band. Stations from Canada, U.S and Europe warmed up 20
    meters to a nice glow. It's great mini contests like these happen as it
    shows some action on the bands.
    Another great CW contest is the K1USN SST CW contest this contest happens
    on Fridays at 20:00-21:00 UTC and Monday 00:00-01:00 ( which for most of
    us is still Sunday evening) This contest is not one of speed but slower.
    You will find operators sending from 10 wpm to 20 wpm and if you are not sending at 10 wpm then speed is slowed to match your speed. These are nice contests that only asks for 1 hour a week and it can get your feet wet
    with contesting.

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