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    100 DXCC with 1W WSPR

    Posted: 01 Feb 2022 01:21 PM PST https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/02/100-dxcc-with-1w-wspr.html

    After 13 years of WSPRing I finally reached 100 DXCC with 1W output
    power. I think I could have done it a few years ago but was not very active
    on WSPR the last few years. Although listed as nr. 99 in my WSPR DXCC list EA9UV from Cueta (Cueta&Melilla) was the 100th DXCC that received my 1W
    signal on 40m this morning.

    I started this WSPR DXCC list immidiatly when I first heard of this very sensitive mode in 2009. As an avid DXer I thought it would be not that difficult despite the low power of 1W. However, the challenge is not a case
    of being heard but the number of DXCC with a WSPR receiver on air. Over the years the number of WSPR transmitters has been exploded but less HAMs or
    SWLs are receiving 24/7 on WSPR or even receiving at all. That counts especially for exotic DXCC. First years I had to look at the WSPR database table manually, the task is still manual but I can look at a worldmap in
    2022. Which makes the task easier. Still there is no one that has made a possebility to substract DXCC from the WSPR database yet as far as I know.
    Over the years my 1W signal was heard at exotic places. To name some: Afghanistan, Antarctica, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kyrghystan, Macquarie
    Isl., Singapore, Wake Isl., Sierra Leone, Maldives, Seychelles and many
    more. A complete list can be found on my WSPR DXCC page.
    These days the output power of most stations is 0,2W because of some
    populair WSPR transmitters. Is it possible being heard with just 200mW in
    100 DXCC? Yes, I think it is possible. But you need to have patience,
    athough I think these days it is easier as at the start in 2009. Who takes
    the challenge?

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