• [PE4BAS] Inverted-V versus HF multiband vertical on 40m WSPR RX

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    Inverted-V versus HF multiband vertical on 40m WSPR RX

    Posted: 27 Jan 2022 03:55 AM PST https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/01/inverted-v-versus-hf-multiband-vertical.html

    Curious about how the vertical (blue) receives compared to the inverted-V (red). The vertical is theoretically a DX antenna and should receive good signals from low angles. However, a vertical also picks up much more noise compared to a horizontal oriented antenna. Overall the vertical did not
    pick up half the amount of spots the inverted-V received.Again it seems the
    SNR is better on the vertical at night. What causes this is unknown. My
    guess is that there is less noise from the neighbourhood.

    The inverted-V proves to be a good DX antenna once again.

    The vertical is not that bad. Unfortunately a lot of bogus spots again. I
    think the computer causes this. Unfortunately I have no better computer for
    the second station at this moment.

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