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    FreeDV Day, February 19, 2022, 1700Z

    Posted: 27 Jan 2022 08:55 AM PST https://www.kb6nu.com/freedv-day-february-19-2022-1700z/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    This was recently posted to /r/amateurradio. Ive always wanted to try
    FreeDV, and its supposed to be relatively easy to do with my Flex 6400.
    This seems like a good opportunity for me to get this all working and make
    some contacts..Dan

    If youve ever wanted to try out digital voice on HF, check out the upcoming FreeDV Activity Day!

    Im one of the maintainers of the FreeDV project and have been working on getting more activity on the bands as of late. Back in early November, we
    had our first Activity Day and it resulted in the most simultaneous FreeDV users in quite a while, so we figured wed make it a quarterly thing from
    now on.

    Speaking of making it quarterly, the next Activity Day is going to be from February 19th at 9AM PST (1700Z) through February 20th at 8:59AM (1659Z). Theres no limitation as to what FreeDV mode is used (these days, typically 700C/D/E and 2020) and definitely no obligation to log or submit anything
    after the event. Think of it more like the monthly JS8Call QSO Party than anything. :)

    For reference, heres where FreeDV can usually be found:

    80 meters: 3.625, 3.643 or 3.693 MHz
    40 meters: 7.177 MHz
    20 meters: 14.236 MHz
    17 meters: 18.118 MHz
    15 meters: 21.313 MHz
    12 meters: 24.933 MHz
    10 meters: 28.330 or 28.720 MHz

    Of course, those arent the only places that it can be found. Its typically allowed anywhere SSB voice can be used (minus 60 meters), at least in the
    US anyway. The QSO Finder and PSK Reporter are great sources for finding contacts, whether during the event or any other time.

    Anyway, wed definitely welcome more participation. If you have issues
    setting up or using the application (or SM1000 if you happen to have one), definitely leave a comment here or on the digitalvoice reflector and I or others can help resolve those.

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