• [SADARS] 27 Jan 2022 - Annual Construction Contest

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    27 Jan 2022 - Annual Construction Contest

    Posted: 28 Jan 2022 03:38 AM PST

    Members Judging the Contest

    This years Construction Contest was as well attended as most meetings
    nearing the end of the pandemic.

    Fourteen attended to judge the five entries. This year there were no
    entries in the Novice class. i.e. a members first entry in the Contest.
    However there were three entries in the Kit class. The winner was Rob,
    M0IXM showing his QRP Labs QCX transceiver for 20 and 40m.  The class
    called the Weekend Special was won by Victor, G3JNB with his permeability
    tuned QRP wire tuner covering 10 to 40m at 10 watts. The Major Project this year was won by Don, G4LOO showing his coax winding machine. As he
    explained in his exhibition, winding numerous sixty foot Lengths of coax
    after a major contest is quite a chore. This battery driven winder will do
    the job is minutes!
    Don with his coax winding machine
    Victors QRP tuner
    Robs QRP Lab QCX

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