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    Inverted-V versus LOG on 40m RX

    Posted: 26 Jan 2022 03:59 AM PST https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/01/inverted-v-versus-log-on-40m-rx.html

    Red line is inverted-V, blue line is LOG (Loop On Ground). Measuring from approx. 21 UTC-21 UTC. Number of total spots is more as twice on the
    inverted-V compared to the LOG. During the night the LOG comes close.

    Looks like the LOG beats the inverted-V on signal to noise ratio at night.
    I'm surprised!

    The inverted-V is clearly the winner at DX distances. The peak you see
    between 10-9 hours is a bogus spot.

    So, you probabely think the LOG would be a good NVIS antenna. But evidence shows it is almost equal compared to the inverted-V.
    DX stations (>7000km), 23 in total on the inverted-V

    DX stations (>7000km), 14 in total (after substracting at least 3 bogus
    spots seen in the map) on the LOG. Notice I received VK4CEG on the LOG and
    not on the inverted-V. De LOG is a bit directional and favours the east direction for me.
    Others can have different comparisations with their reference antenna. In
    my case the LOG is no miracle antenna for receive. But like I wrote before,
    I do not suffer from extreme local noise/QRM you find in cities and larger villages.
    More about LOG experiments can be read here: https://www.g8jnj.net/loop-on-the-ground

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