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    More QSLS: W1ASP, KD2GUT

    Posted: 24 Jan 2022 06:20 PM PST https://www.kb6nu.com/more-qsls-w1asp-kd2gut/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    I like this card because it spells a word two ways: ASP and WASP (if you
    ignore the number). Jason notes,

    Im a new CW op. Thanks for sticking with me. I started to lose you to QSB,
    and I for to send your RST. I got a little nervous and botched your call.
    Im really enjoying CW.

    Well, Jason, I hope that youll enjoy CW as much as I have over the years. Please call me anytime.

    Caryn, KD2GUT, is one of the editors at Amateur Radio Newsline. I worked
    her on 40m during one of the K1 USN SSTs. She says, Im really enjoying CW!
    Can you tell that she also enjoys squirrels?

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