• [SADARS] 20 Jan 2022 - A Radio Officer and the 2nd Cod War

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    20 Jan 2022 - A Radio Officer and the 2nd Cod War

    Posted: 24 Jan 2022 02:48 AM PST

    Robert M0IXM started by telling of the three Cod Wars between the UK
    fishing fleet and the Icelandic ships.

    His assignment was during the second of those wars when he was posted to
    the RV Cirolana which was co-opted to cover the fishing boat Miranda. The
    plan was to have three trawler support ships, two being on station in the Icelandic waters with the trawlers Miranda, Othello and Hauser. Each vessel would spend approximately six weeks on station before returning to their
    home port to re-stock. After each war the fishing limit around Iceland was increased to the advantage of Iceland.

    Rob explained that if a trawler needed help with radio or other electrical equipment, it was planned to have sufficient spares on board to help.  However, the spares had to be transferred between the ships by Z boats (inflatable boats) The transfer was almost always during rough seas and the accompanying hazard of falling in. Robert managed to avoid the falling in.

    Rob explained the method used by the Icelanders to try to cut the lines to
    nets being trailed behind the trawlers and how the trawler men used
    trawlers that were not fishing to block their access.
    Robs ship

    At the end of the evening, the cups and plaques which should have been presented at the 2020 AGM but were delayed due to the pandemic where presented.  They were:

    A plaque for the first ever entry in the SADARS Construction contest, to
    Rob Gaskell, M0IXM for his capacitive key.

    The Dr. Little cup and plaque for the winner of the Kit section, to Alan
    Little G4PSO (no relation) for QCX QRP kit.

    The Weekend Special G3DPQ cup and plaque to Don G4LOO for his Test Jig

    Major Project G8EMJ shield and plaque to Don G4LOO for his ex TV cavity conversion to 23cm 500w amp.

    The G3JKK shield and plaque for best club support to Brian G8GHR for his
    club archive and SADARS book

    The G4CBI cup presented to the member who gave the best talk during the
    year 2020 as voted by the members, to David, G8UOD for his presentation
    about the Baldock Radio Station.

    The Club Quiz Trophy renamed in memory of Brian Bourne  was won by the
    Jokers 3 consisting of Don, G4LOO, Richard, G3NII and Gareth, M5KVK. The
    trophy was presented to Don, G4LOO.
    Photo by Paul, G1GSN

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