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    Posted: 23 Jan 2022 12:12 PM PST https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/01/progression.html

    I realize I didn't post much on my blog since the start of this year. As a matter of fact, I didn't even make a single QSO this new year. The only
    thing I did was listening once and a while.

    To the left you see the feedpoint of my log (loop on ground) receiving
    antenna. It consists of a loop approx 5x5m directly on the ground fed by a
    1:6 balun. Measured the R and SWR, it is about 50 Ohm from 7-30MHz.
    However, I'm not really impressed yet. It receives about the same as my multiband vertical at top of my tower. Compared to my 2x20 doublet in inverted-V configuration it is just not what I expected. I plan to do a
    decent receive test with two WSPR stations.

    I decided to install my 160m sloper again as well. I hope to use it in the upcoming PACC contest. You can click on the photo at th right to view it in
    a bigger format. At top you can see 3 wires going from the tower, one of
    them, obviously the one in the same direction of the beam is the sloper.
    If time allows I would like to listen to some AM MW broadcast stations as
    well with this antenna. Although I found that my all band vertical does
    well on listening on MW.

    To increase the efficiƫncy I did ad some radials to the base of the tower
    as well. Last year I made one QSO to VK (Australia), till now my record distance on topband.

    Well, I decided to slow down my HAMradio activities. I really like this
    hobby but there are so many other things in this life. It is, of course,
    always a matter of priorities.

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