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    What a mess.

    Posted: 23 Jan 2022 07:32 AM PST http://ve3wdm.blogspot.com/2022/01/what-mess.html

    Yesterday afternoon I was listening to II3WRTC which is a special call sign
    to promote WRTC (world radio team championship) there are 12 stations
    taking part one from each Italian call area. II3WRTC is from region 3. The event goes from January 1 to July 10 and to be honest this is the first
    time I have heard them on the air. Anyway, I degrees, as I was listening to
    the II3WRTC station I was shocked by the large pileup they had going. The station was operating simplex and in a nutshell, it was a mess! I made an
    audio recording of it and to be honest I have no idea how the special event station heard any call and how the callers knew if they had made it with a confirmation 559? I was surprised the station was not working split and
    hope that the other regions do use split when thing get as crazy as they
    were with II3WRTC.

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