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    Episode 385 - Chip Lohman - NN4UChip Lohman, NN4U, was introduced to
    amateur radio during an early stint as a US Marine stationed next to an
    Army MARS station. Fascinated by the technology that could connect him to
    his family around the World, Chip got his first license. NN4U has
    reinvented himself a few times over his career, and he tells this story in
    this QSO Today. Show NotesSponsor TranscriptionListen to PodcastOur
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    Link to Jim Stafford, W4QO, SK, QSO Today Interview

    Birthplace: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    First License: 1978, Age 27, KA6HWO
    Electric Radio Magazine, February 2020, called Boat Anchor Magic, By Chip Lohman, NN4U

    Current Rig:
    Kenwood TS-870S HF Transceiver
    Kenwood SM-230 Station Monitor
    Yaesu FT-991A Transceiver
    Heathkit HW-101 Transceiver
    Elecraft KX3 Transceiver

    HF: Buckmaster inverted V, OCF 7-band dipole
    Cushcraft R9 Vertical Antenna
    VHF: Elk 2M/440 5-element, Log Periodic Antenna

    MARS - Military Auxuliary Radio System
    Crystal Set - How to make one
    Air Force Brat
    Kansas University, 1973, Education and Psychology
    Ford Mustang
    United States Air Force Mission in Brazil
    Marine Corps Pilot
    LPH Marine Corps Ships
    USS Inchon
    ATT Government Systems
    T3 Circuits
    Cryogenically Cooled Cellphone Filter
    Brick RF Filter
    Union Steward
    Conductus, Inc.
    Coast Guard Communications System revamp
    International Date Line
    Heathkit HW-101 HF Transceiver
    US Marines Amphibious Warfare School
    Worked All States Award
    President Ronald Regan
    The White House
    Navajo Code Talkers
    K4AF Pentagon Amateur Radio Station
    Commodore VIC-20 Computer
    CW Practice Software
    Radio Shack TRS80 Personal Computer
    Basic Computer Language
    Compiler Commodore 64 Board
    Howard Mills, W3HM - Heathkit Radio Restorer
    Collins Gold Dust Twins
    Yaesu FT-757GX Transceiver
    Electrolytic Capacitor
    Kenwood TS590 HF Transceiver
    NRA - National Rifle Association
    Boy Scouts of America
    Shooting Sports USA Magazine
    10 Meter Air Rifle
    National Youth Ambassadors Association
    32 Foot Ericson Sloop
    Covid 19 Pandemic
    ARRL - On The Air magazine
    Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur, by Ward Silver, N0AX

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: transition from do it
    yourselfers to youth without any expertise. We need to get the youth more involved.

    Excited most by: ARES and MARS and staying involved in public safety

    Advice to new or returning hams: Break out the books to keep up with latest technology.
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