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    POTA-Whats easier Hunting vs Activating?

    Posted: 18 Jan 2022 05:07 PM PST https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2022/01/19/pota-whats-easier-hunting-vs-activating/

    Now remember I did not ask whats more important. I am asking whats easier
    Now I must admit I have only hunted POTA (so far) but over the last 20
    years I have operated portable a good deal of the time. Activating Parks
    is not new. The level of organization that the current POTA team has is
    new and very well done.

    We were operating from Parks because we could not get a decent antenna up
    at home, we operated from parks because the noise was usually less from the park and we also operated from parks because once you got set up it seemed
    to attract other amateurs which also turned into a social event.

    And more importantly we did it because we could.

    So here are my thoughts (my opinions) and feel free to agree or disagree
    just be nice about it


    Has to find a place to operate (has to do their homework to find a site
    that is clear for antennas, no or low noise floor, and most importantly
    close to a bathroom, but sheltered from the elements would be good as well.

    VA3QV/vy2 2017 RAC Canada Day Contest

    Has to calculate how much battery power they need and bring twice what they think Has to bring at least 2 hf antennas, and all the rope needed to get
    the antennas in the air, along with coax runs.

    The SOTA Activation was catered

    Has to take into account the band conditions as they dont want to drive to
    a distant park to find the band is crap But they can pick and choose who
    to contact as they control the pile up


    Already set up Stronger equipment Higher PowerBetter antenna. normally
    higher noise floor has to hear the usually QRP Signals coming from the activators through the loud pileups. More distractions from family and
    noises coming into the shack. Does not get much of a choice as they can
    only contact who they can hear and who can hear them.

    So in my humble opinion:

    Both are equally important in the process. Take away the hunters and you
    have a bunch of activators calling CQ POTA with no one answering. Take
    away the activators and you have a bunch of hunters listening to dead air.

    But there are some days hunting is easier or at least warmer

    Personally I think that its would be easier to Activate as everyone is
    looking for you and then control the pile up than be the one trying to
    break into the pile up.

    And that my friends is the view from the cheap seats


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