• [DXZone] Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2201

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    The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

    Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2201


    The Swiss Quad Antenna, Amplifier Technology: Tube vs. Transistor , Top
    Band on a Vertical Yagi, Iambic Keyer for Arduino, 35 Element Yagi Antenna
    for 23cm, 3 Element Yagi Calculator, ICOM ST-4002A GPS Programmer

    Where to buy PowerFilm Solar Panels


    Technical Reference/Alternative Power
    Where to buy solar panels for portable operations. PowerFilm panels and
    Genasun charge controllers in North America or in Europe

    Reducing the Cable Mess


    Operating Modes/Portable Operations
    Optimizing the cable connections for cat control and audio input output by implementing the digirig mobile. A small audio and rig control interface,
    with a single USB cable supports most QRP radios requiring external audio
    and CAT control facilities

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