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    Posted: 14 Jan 2022 11:00 PM PST

    Episode 384 - Geoffrey Mendenhall - W8GNMClick to expandGeoffrey
    Mendenhall, W8GNMs, early interest in electronics, germanium transistors,
    and later high power triodes led him to a career, as an engineer,
    designing, building, and managing broadcast transmitters projects for Gates Radio and later Harris Broadcast. Geoff made a presentation in the last
    QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on Beverage Antennas, urging us to try building Beverages even if conditions are not optimal, and being surprised by the result. W8GNM is my QSO Today.Show NotesSponsor TranscriptionListen to PodcastOur Listener SponsorsThis list is the total amounts contributed as sponsorships and/or donations since Episode 1 in July 2014. Only those who agreed to be publicly recognized are on the list below. Hometown:
    Johnstown, PA

    Clide May, W3NDO
    Bill Orr, W6SAI

    First License: Oct 1961 Age 14, KN3VLN
    Upgrade Technician
    General K3VLN

    QTH: Catawba Island, Ohio

    Geoffs Cayman Island Callsign: ZF2CQ

    Favorite Operating Mode: SSB

    XYL is W8MNM

    Current Rig:
    Flex 6600M HF Transceiver
    FlexRadio PGXL Power Genius Linear Amplifier
    Home Brew AMP - 2 X 3500Z Triodes
    Tokyo HL 1.5 KFX Amplifier
    Heil PR40 Microphone
    Symmetric Preamplifiers
    Heil Proset Plus with Boom Microphone
    Orban Optimod AM Broadcast Processor
    Icom IC-756 Pro II
    Icom IC-706 HF Transceiver
    Harris MS15 FM Exciter

    7 in 1 Electronics Kit Olson Electronics
    6SN7 Triode
    6AG7 Vacuum Tube
    BC-807 Transistor
    Knight Kit T-150 Transmitter
    Double Sideband Suppressed Carrier
    High School Shop Classes
    Science Fairs
    National Science Fair
    Radio Control Bus
    6 Meter Linear Amplifier
    4-400A Vacuum Tube
    Grounded Grid Amplifier
    Active Screen Bias
    Bill Orr, W6SAI
    Eimac Corporation
    NAB - National Association of Broadcasters
    Raytheon CK722 Germanium Transistors
    Raytheon Applications
    Georgia Tech, Atlanta, BSE
    WAGA TV Atlanta
    CBS News
    Georgia Tech WREK FM Station
    425 Watt FM Broadcast Transmitter
    WTOP Washington
    4CX300Y Ceramic Tetrode
    Eastern Airlines
    8 Bay FM Broadcast Antenna
    W4AQL Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club
    Comco Div of EF Johnson, Coral Gables, FL
    Dual Gate MOSFET
    National Airlines Boeing 747
    Wackenhut Protective Systems
    American Electronics Labs
    RCA, Meadowlands
    Gates Radio, Quincy, IL
    Parker Gates, founder of Gates Radio
    IF Modulation
    Hilmer Swanson, Inventor of Modern AM Modulation Techniques
    Step Modulation Broadcast
    DF Digital Modulation Scheme
    ATSC Version 1 Digital TV Signal
    OFDM Modulation
    DRM HF Broadcasting
    Voice of America, VOA
    Art Collins, W0CXX, founder of Collins Radio
    Broadcast Electronics, Inc.
    Folded Half-Wave Cavity
    National Association of Broadcasters Handbook
    Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association
    FT-8 Digital Mode
    HP Network Analyzer
    Hamtech 1 Ghz Sample - need reference
    9 Band DXCC
    Mt. Athos SV2RSG/A
    BevFlex Antenna System
    Beverage Antenna
    Flag Antenna
    Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT
    SDR Radio
    Scuba Diving
    STEM Programs

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: getting the next generation
    of young people to become hams

    Excited most by: Groups, chasing DX, 1936 Net every week, and annual AM
    night, along with building, measuring and optimizing.

    Advice to new or returning hams: investigate new operating modes including digital, and learn about SDR (software defined radio).
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