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    ARRL surveying Field Day participants

    Posted: 06 Jan 2022 11:02 AM PST https://www.kb6nu.com/arrl-surveying-field-day-participants/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    From ARRL

    The ARRL Programs and Services Committee is seeking input from stations and groups that participated in ARRL Field Day 2020 and 2021 and has posted a survey. The committee said the survey results may help shape the
    development of Field Day rules for 2022 and beyond. The survey has already
    been sent via email to some 13,000 Field Day participants, more than 2,400 Affiliated Clubs, and to the CQ-Contest and VHF-Contesting Reflectors.

    Jahnke said the Programs and Services Committee invites participants’ insights, in advance of its January meeting, regarding what they consider appropriate for operating ARRL Field Day 2022 during the ongoing pandemic.
    The committee hopes to learn if participants prefer to continue Field Day
    under the pandemic accommodations afforded in 2020 and 2021, which included limiting home stations to the Low Power multiplier (150 W PEP), and whether stations in some classes or all other classes should be limited to 150 W
    PEP as well. Field Day stations operating at high power became the topic of some discussion in the wake of Field Day 2021, when some stations were
    reported to be running the legal limit on FT8 on crowded bands.

    Field Day participants may use this survey link or copy this URL into a web browser: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2022ARRL-FIELD-DAY-SURVEY.

    The survey will close on January 17, 2022. Direct any questions to the ARRL Contest Department.

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    Fast cars and superheterodyne radios

    Posted: 05 Jan 2022 08:23 PM PST https://www.kb6nu.com/fast-cars-and-superheterodyne-radios/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    This isnt strictly amateur radio, but I thought youd find this amusing

    In the evenings, when Im not on the air or fooling around with some
    electronics project, I like to watch movies from the 1930s, 1940s, and
    1950s on Amazon. They have a great selection.

    On New Years Eve, I watched The Mob starring Broderick Crawford. Made in
    1952, Amazon billed as a film noir detective classic. Crawford play Johnny DAmico, a cop who goes underground to bust up a rack on the docks. The cast includes Ernest Borgnine as one of the mobsters. I dont know how classic it
    is, but it was enjoyable.

    A couple of days later, I happened to run across another Broderick Crawford move, Scandal Sheet, also made in 1952. In this movie, Crawford plays Mark Chandler, a tabloid newspaper editor whose exploits backfire on him, and
    who becomes the subject of one of his papers own news stories. Donna Reed
    is one of the co-stars.

    Last night, the movie du jour was Eternally Yours. When I found this movie,
    my wife joked, What is thisBroderick Crawford Week? Made in 1940, this
    movie stars Loretta Young and David Niven. Crawford plays only a minor character in this movie.

    Instead of clicking around Amazon for Broderick Crawford movies tonight, I thought that Id try to find some episodes of Highway Patrol. This TV
    series, which ran from 1955 through 1959, starred Crawford as a detective
    with the Highway Patrol. Highway Patrols imdb page describes the series as
    a story of powerful patrol cars, fast motorcycles, and superheterodyne
    two-way radios combining to fight crime on the rural highways of Americas
    wide open spaces. If youve ever watched this show, you will recall that Crawford was almost always on the radio in his car.

    Scanning through the episodes on imdb, I found Transmitter Danger.
    According to imdb, the plot is, Two men steal dynamite and blasting caps
    for use in future crimes, unaware that any radio transmission signal could trigger the caps and set off a devastating explosion. This, of course,
    includes ham radio transmitters, and when the Highway Patrol discovers the danger posed by any strong radio transmission, Crawfords character
    instructs his officers to find the ham radio operators in the area and warn them to stay off the air.

    Broderick Crawforrd was quite prolific. imdb list 147 credits, the first in 1937 and the last in 1987. Theres no mention of him ever having a ham
    license, though.

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