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    End of the year review

    Posted: 31 Dec 2021 05:02 PM PST https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2022/01/01/end-of-the-year-review/

    Well the end of 2021 is almost here. Last year (2020) we all were thinking that we were going to beat COVID. And here we are again hoping that the
    New Year (2022) will be better

    Lets hope that finally is true.

    For me not much happened (radio wise at least) for most of the year. I
    worked till the mid September when I retired for the last time. Mid
    October we sold the truck and the trailer as COVID was making Liz nervous
    and it was decided we were going to hunker down rather than travel full
    time. I did not know that she could see into the future but. These
    decisions were made before Omnicron arrived and although we did not know it then. We made the right choice.

    In October I started to spend more time in the shack and since then have
    been increasing my totals as far as WAS (Worked all States) goes.

    As of todays date I have 41 states confirmed in Phone, 18 confirmed in CW
    and 46 confirmed in Digital.

    For 2022 I hope to complete my ARRL Triple Play (WAS in the 3 modes)
    50-50-50 would be the desired totals

    Right now I have 120 Phone, 72 CW and 55 Digital DXCC (Countries)
    confirmed. As we get closer to the Solar Maximum I am hoping to increase
    the totals significantly.

    I do not see us travelling much this year so the back deck will be a major
    part of our summer activities but I do hope to engage in some POTA
    activations as I do have my portable HF station (FT450at, Wolf River 10-80m coil on a tripod) along with a soon to be purchased 20ah battery will help
    me pass the time on some of those summer days.

    For those who think they have heard me describe this gear before you would
    be correct. Its the HF Station from the VA3QV/m (my old pickup truck).

    I also have a complete station that came out of the trailer which I plan to sell at some time in the near future. This station consists of a Yaesu FT
    450 (no AT), LDG auto Tuner and 25 amp power supply. Add coax and an
    antenna and you are on the air. It will be at a fair price so if you are interested drop me a comment with your email and Ill get back to you.

    Thats what I see happening One more year of semi isolation till we beat
    this We have had our two shots and the one booster. Betting that they
    figure out a way to give us a 2nd booster before this is all over.

    We feel pretty safe but still nervous about everyone else out there. So
    for now it will be stay quiet, stay at home and stay safe. I dont see much else changing (yet) but nothing is carved in stone

    So Happy New Year and lets hope for a much better 2022


    OK some things are carved in stone

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