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    RAC Winter contest.

    Posted: 19 Dec 2021 10:39 AM PST http://ve3wdm.blogspot.com/2021/12/rac-winter-contest.html

    The RAC Winter contest is in the books and my second contest where I was running and not S&P. The propagation numbers took a big leap in the right direction before and during the contest. I did find that even with the good conditions there was steep QSB on 20 and 40m.

    I find this more of a relaxed contest compared to the international
    contests. Most of the time, CW speeds were a bit slower. When someone you
    know makes contact, there is time to say thanks and 73. Speaking of someone
    you know, I had the pleasure of John AE5X a blogger I follow contact me,
    and we had the opportunity to send pleasantries to each other. Thanks for
    the contact John.
    I found there was the early contest jitters, but I did settle in a bit
    sooner compared to the other contest. One take away was to NEVER try
    drinking coffee while calling CQ! Thought I had this calling CQ thing down,
    I decided to have a drink of coffee as the PC was belting out RAC DE VE9KK. While in mid-sip of coffee, the radio went to receive and a nice multiplier station was coming back to me! In a rush to put the coffee down my elbow
    was banged, coffee all over the keyboard and multi station gone!
    Overall, a great time was had.

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