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    December Field Day & Commemorative Contact

    Posted: 13 Dec 2021 02:39 AM PST https://feedpress.me/link/22841/14948546/dec-2021-field-day.html

    Essex Hams last field day of the year took place on Sunday the 12th of
    December 2021, at Galleywood Common. Despite the years Covid conditions,
    the group has managed to get eight field days in during 2021 (four at Galleywood, two at the Hackspace, the JOTA activation at Belfairs and one
    at the Earls Colne Airfield)

    Despite being a little chilly (and clashing with some motor racing, apparently), we were able to run two HF and one VHF station, and get in
    some decent radio activity, as well as having the opportunity to catch up
    and socialise.
    Galleywood Gathering 12 December 2021
    Commemorative Contact

    Over the weekend, the RSGB had been active at Ardrossan in Scotland
    celebrating 100 years since the first transatlantic amateur radio contact
    (11th of December 1921) Congratulations to Andrew M0OHN for making a
    contact that predates that by 20 years!

    On the afternoon of the 12th of December 1901, the first transatlantic
    contact was made, with signals from a Marconi station in Poldhu, Cornwall
    being picked up by Mr Marconi and his assistant Kemp in Newfoundland (the letter S in Morse, via a kite antenna) See the full story here: Reception
    of Transatlantic Radio Signals in 1901

    On the afternoon of the 12 of December 2021 (exactly 120 years later!),
    Andrew M0ONH made his own transatlantic contact (with Barry N4WFU in North Carolina), from Galleywood (just over 2 miles away from the original
    Marconi factory in Hall Street).
    Andrew M0ONHs transatlantic QSO

    Not only that, but Andrew also worked GB2GM, the special callsign from
    Poldhu (linking Chelmsford and the site of the first transatlantic
    contact). Andrew also worked YT21YOTA, one of the stations encouraging the
    next generation of radio hams to get on the air. He also made contact with OH9SCL, a seasonal special event station in Lapland (Santa Claus Land).
    On-site Training

    During the day, we were visited by Marek, a student on our Foundation
    Online course, who travelled all the way from Cambridge to get his first
    taste of a field day. He was able to make a couple of contacts on the club callsign, under supervision, on HF and VHF our thanks to John G8MNY, a
    trainer from the Bromley club, for helping out with the training QSO.

    Thanks to everyone who popped along to say hello, or called in to work us
    on Essex Hams final field event of the year exactly 120 years after that
    first historic dit-dit-dit crossed the Atlantic.
    Essex Hams VHF station at Galleywood Common 12 December 2021
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