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    Posted: 04 Dec 2021 09:22 AM PST

    Episode 378 - Pablo Lewin - WA6RSV
    Pablo Lewin, WA6RSV, has an interest in radio
    astronomy and scans the heavens with his hydrogen line radio telescope
    using an SDR or software defined radio. Pablo had an interesting aviation career where amateur radio weaved in and out of it since the late
    seventies. Now in aviation retirement, he does stand up comedy and
    creates content for the film and television industry. WA6RSV tells his
    amateur radio story in this QSO Today.
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    Youtube Channel
    Pablo Lewin iMDB
    Building your first fully functioning Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope
    Presented By: Pablo Lewin WA6RSV

    Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    First License: 1974, Age 14, LU4CAR

    Novice Rig:
    6DQ6 Novice Transmitter
    BC454 Receiver

    Current Rigs:
    Yaesu FT-991 HF Transceiver
    Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver
    Kenwood TS-450 Transceiver
    Swan Transceiver
    Hammarlund HQ-110 Receiver
    Inverted V Antenna
    G5RV Antenna
    6 meter 5 element Beam
    Key65 Foxlab Keyboard
    TH6DXX Beam Antenna
    2.1 Meter Dish Antenna

    Favorite operating mode: FT8 Digital Mode

    QTH: South Gate, California

    Mentor: Reed Craven WB6BFK

    San Gabriel Valley Airport, Elmonte, CA
    Certified Flight Instructor
    Mt. San Antonio College
    AS Degree
    Cal State Los Angeles
    "10 Freeway" - San Bernardino Freeway
    Heathkit "Single Bander" Transceiver 20 Meters
    Clay Lacy Aviation, Van Nuys
    LearJet 24
    Cessna Citation Jet
    TWA - Trans World Airlines
    John McEnrow, Tennis Champion
    Zachtek Desktop WSPR Transmitter
    Wspr-RX from Zachtek
    EME - Earth Moon Earth Communications
    14" Optical Telescope
    NASA Exoplanet Contributor
    Minor Planet Center
    Hydrogen Line Frequency:
    Stellarium Astronomy Software
    Karl Jansky, Bell Labs
    Society for Amateur Radio Astronomers
    RTL-STR Dongle
    SDR Sharp Software
    IF Plug-in Down Converter
    3.8 CM antenna element
    LNA Nooelec 1.420 Ghz
    Elecraft KX2 QRP HF Transceiver
    Irwin Allen Time Tunnel
    MFJ Antenna Analyzer
    Simpson 260 Multimeter

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    4Z1UG. Subscribe Yaesu FT-991A
    HF Transceiver 6DQ6 Novice Transmitter BC-454
    Receiver Zachtek WSPR Transmitter

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