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    Compromise HF antennas

    Posted: 02 Dec 2021 12:55 PM PST https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2021/12/02/compromise-hf-antennas/

    I think I have to change the terminology that I normally use to describe
    my normal Home HF antenna.

    They have to be stealthy but I can no longer think of them as compromise.
    Its working great for the operating conditions here.

    If you are putting up the best darn antenna you can that keeps you on the
    air and fits in with your local operating conditions, its a great antenna
    and not really a compromise antenna.

    Remember using a 10-160 OCF dipole in an inverted V (rather than in a flat top) is not a compromise. Its just getting the antenna to fit in your yard
    or operating location. Running a 43 foot vertical with lots of radials (instead of a 10-40 OCF due to yard size or lack of trees) is not a compromise. A 48 foot tower is not a compromise (because the local
    municipal restricts the height of towers so you cant put up that 100 foot
    self supporting one in your city lot)

    Now there are little things like municipal bylaws, HOA restrictions, Condo restrictions, Rental restrictions, cranky neighbors and of course family opinions (to name a few) might come into play when trying to install your antenna.

    Its not a restriction. it becomes a challenge.. it challenges you to put
    up the most effective antenna you can while trying to make everyone else
    happy. If you are successful in completing your challenge it should make
    you happy as well.

    The antenna of choice here is an end fed random (about 50 feet or so)
    length wire being fed by my SGC237 auto tuner. It is in an inverted Vee configuration with the wire leaving the tuner and thrown over a tree branch then it terminates at my back fence. I also have some random length
    radials (counterpoises) running north/south and east/west along the fence perimeter. Using the magic in the SGC 237 I am able to make contacts on
    all Amateur Bands between 6m and 160m. This antenna is not fancy. its
    actually cheap. (How much does 100 feet of automotive wire cost at Princess Auto???). Its fairly (75%) stealthy. So far no one is complaining about
    it and the Condo Cops has not been knocking at my door (yet).


    Is it the best antenna? NO

    Does it work? YES

    Is it stealthy? YES..

    Am I making contacts? YES (Including a VK on 40SSB)

    Could I do better? NO (Not here at least)

    There you have it although I could do better, its the best I can do while living where we do. So I no longer feel I have a compromise antenna. Its actually a pretty good antenna.


    PS. This is just a reminder to those of us who operate in an antenna challenged environment that HF contacts are actually possiable.

    So far 46 states confirmed from here in Digital and 31 states confirmed in
    SSB and nothing yet in CW.Sooner or perhaps later I will finally work on my
    CW log again.


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