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    RaDAR - Taking orders

    Posted: 28 Nov 2021 12:50 PM PST https://zs6bne.wordpress.com/2021/11/28/radar-taking-orders/

    Mike ZS6MSW came up with a brilliant idea that kind of falls in line with
    the requirements of accurate logging much like RaDAR.

    His idea was to make CW QSOs fun and to expand on the standard exchanges a little into short purposeful QSOs. We placed an order for food with each
    other, logging the ordered foods in the comments column on the RaDAR Sport Online logbook. Grids were exchanged as well which could be seen as a
    delivery address and falls in line with what the world is experiencing
    through Covid-19 that we accept deliveries.

    Arthur ZS5DUV introduced some unexpected responses when Eddie ZS6BNE
    ordered Chicken hearts saying he does not have them on the menu and Eddie
    had to change his order. This was incredible fun. enjoyed by none other
    than the CW fraternity in ZS. It gave CW and accurate exchanges a purpose.

    The Evaluator was used to evaluate the exercise and the accuracy of taking orders. Mike ZS6MSW was called by Frank ZS6FN while Mike was entering his
    log which may be seen too as passing the order to the kitchen. Mike kindly asked Frank to wait. When all was clear they exchanged their orders!

    This was close to real world information exchange and done entirely using
    Morse Code!

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