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    Posted: 26 Nov 2021 11:00 PM PST

    Episode 377 - Stephen Houser - N1SH
    Stephen Houser, N1SH, was essential to helping
    Rex Harper, W1REX, present his Build-A-Thons at the QSO Today Virtual Ham
    Expos with multi-camera coverage of Rexs project demonstrations. Stephen
    had early exposure to amateur radio and was no stranger to our hobby years before he got his first license. Stephen has a strong interest and
    expertise in computers, programming, building projects, and he makes his
    own contributions to our interesting hobby. N1SH is my QSO Today.
    Show Notes
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    to Podcast August 2021
    Expo Presentations Stephens
    Grandfather was: John A Houser, K2EE
    First License 1993

    Morse Code
    Cassette Tape
    Rensselaer, NY
    Eastman Kodak Corporation
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Radio Shack Science Fair Kits
    DECwriter Teletype
    Oregon Trail Computer Game
    Forrest M Mims
    TTL Cookbook, by Don Lancaster
    IC Timer Cookbook by Walter G. Jung
    University of Southern Maine, Computer Science, BS
    Differential Equations
    Ron Lavere KA1FI, now WA1RL
    Portland Amateur Wireless Association
    Deerfield Hamfest, Maine
    Alinco Handheld Dual Band
    Rex Harper, W1REX
    TTL Bandaid Receiver need reference
    Ramsey TX and RX HF
    Yeasu FT-450D Transceiver
    G5RV Antenna
    Teensy Arduino PS2 to USB Controller
    Elgato Stream Deck
    Elgato Stream Deck Tear-down
    OBS Studio
    Virtual Pinball Machine
    Car Starter Solenoid
    Boy Scouts of America
    Eagle Scout
    Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air
    Webelos Handbook
    Freedom Trail App - Boston
    Portland Women's History Trail App
    FT8 Digital Mode
    JS8call Digital Mode
    APRS Station
    Asterisk Phone System
    SDR - Software Defined Radio
    FlexRadio 6600M HF Transceiver
    AX.25 TNC
    Direwolf TNC
    ubitx HF Kit
    Summits on the Air - SOTA
    Parks on the Air
    Lighthouses on the Air
    Artificial Intelligence In Amateur Radio
    IBM Model M keyboard

    Excited most by: developments around software defined radio.

    Advice to new or returning hams: find the part of amateur radio that you
    like, and ignore the stuff you dont like. The RSS Feed for all audio content from QSO today is available from here.

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    FlexRadio Flex-6400M SDR Transceiver Elgato Stream
    Deck Yaesu FT-450 HF Transceiver

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