• [WB4SON] Getting close to DXCC on 160M

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    Getting close to DXCC on 160M

    Posted: 26 Nov 2021 10:53 AM PST

    After almost giving up hope on completing 160m DXCC this year (my one
    remaining goal for 2021), Ive gotten VERY close.  With a LotW confirmation from Sander JW4PUA in Svalbard , I now have 98 confirmations in LotW for
    160 meters.

    I have been holding a QSL card from Warwick E51WL in the North Cook Islands
    on 160m, so technically I am sitting at 99 confirmed and need one more to complete DXCC.

    Recently Ive worked Barbados, and Argentina multiple times, with stations
    that have uploaded to LotW in November, so there is some hope that they may confirm a contact.  In addition Ive worked stations in Bermuda, Bosnia,
    Cape Verde, Cypress, Montenegro, and Wales, so there is always a
    possibility that I might be able to request a card from them, or perhaps a
    LotW confirmation might show up eventually.

    There isnt much time left in 2021, but there is still hope!

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